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This makes about as much sense as Yahoo buying cloud party. Insofar as: it doesn't make sense. What has facebook done with virtual reality, really? Sure, it *could* do a lot of things. But I have a bad feeling about this. It's sort of like Whirlpool washing machines buying, say, the rights to build Land Rover vehicles.
Two topics. The first, OnLive. OnLive's pricing isn't terribly effective for most people. Neither is the pricing of a Bentley Continental GT. But their mere existence shouldn't offend. Given time, I can see OnLive transition into a value add proposition; realise that SL Voice is also a paid for, streaming service that is 'free' to everyone. They have to start somewhere. Even if horses are the obviously most practical solution, things can and do change. * * * * * Second Topic, Fantastic Tales and Conspiracy theories. In particular, addressed to cathartes. I'll leave it to you, to figure out how informed I am. Bluntly stated, I have old tier regions and am not part of any special program. Period. The End. Further, I would direct you to google the following phrase: "moving and renaming private regions." Hmmm, the devils, hiding such things in plain sight! Genius! The first link is the SL Knowledge Base. And lo, behold: Discounts and Advantages for those with lots of regions, for all to see! Not only that, Available To All. That information has been there for *years*. I have enough regions to vouch for its accuracy. Of course, conspiracy theorists rarely check the knowledge base... Are there further discounts? I don't personally know, but this may shock you: I doubt it would even matter. What, how could that be, you say? An Advantage is an Advantage, right? It's elementary, cathartes. Ever manage even just 50 regions? It requires manpower, and hours; customer service systems, accounting, round the clock staff. Not just some friends with estate powers. That means hiring actual, real employees who take home real paychecks. Not trivial! Even in 3rd world countries. Given enough regions to manage, no matter if regions were *given* away, the large barons would have trouble competing with estates like mine: old tier and no employees whatsoever. The 'sweet spot' is a lot lower number of regions than you'd think. Of course, actuarial assessments and cost benefit analyses are boring, compared to conspiracy theories. My apologies for that. But there it is. Addressing your point, tier being too high ~ yes I agree. The time to change it would have been 2010. As it is now, if my tier went up to standard, I'd simply have to close shop. I'm inconsequential with only 3 dozen regions, but the big barons would likely close also. That leaves lowering the tier for everyone, as a possible solution. In this, you may be right; I personally think you will eventually be right. I certainly do believe that there are *incredibly viable* ways forward for SL. But as there are Top Men being paid the Big Dollars to figure it out, I'm happy with just watching until they do. Observing them sort it out whilst I relax... it's... forgive the phrase, rather cathartic.
Whoa... and I thought I was an acerbic critic... I've been pretty unhappy lately, but as someone who has also had to take over the reins in business in the past, let's give the new guy at least 30 days! It took me 90 days just to remember everyone's name and what they did, let alone change anything, in far less complicated circumstances. DontGetHairy, is that your name in SL? You sound like someone who has been around a while, yet I've never even once heard of you until now. Are you someone's alt?
Hitomi, I hope you are right. Nothing would make me happier. Unlike many, I actually do believe there are things that can be done to really turn this platform around, totally around, and keep it that way. But it will take bold moves. If I recall correctly, Hamlet was hoping for bold moves from Rodvik and even wrote about it (citation missing, it's back there somewhere). Rodvik actually made some bold moves, but they were well outside the scope of the flagship product and largely didn't pan out. Dont Get Hairy? Who or what is that? Was there a comment deleted? Anyway, I've said enough on this I think.
Quite frankly, this move disappoints. What percentage of the residents use the jira? Of course it should be open. This is a no brainer, and essentially an afterthought. If Ebbe is going after low hanging fruit, sure. But this is a very poor indication of 'transparency' ~ if anything, it's leaving the big transparency issues hushed behind closed doors. If this were the opening of a chessgame, it's just handed the center to the opponent. Opening the jira would have made a great, Steve Jobbsian "ah, and one last thing." Meanwhile, the August 2013 content creator clauses are just screaming for transparency. Some of SL's best most creative residents (Qarl, Shava, others) dumped the platform due to the (and I quote): 'exploit in any manner whatsoever' service terms. It offended many more, including many of us who are so deeply entrenched that we can't just quit without harming hundreds of people. So here's real transparency: *why* such overreaching terms? This isn't about virtual marketplaces; Amazon and iTunes do not need full rights to sell ebooks. This is the elephant in the room, when it comes to transparency. Though, granted, soon enough all the people who care about this issue will leave. And then it won't be a priority any more. * * * * * I'll just put this out here, for those who remember transparency. a) how many $L they are printing out of thin air and selling on Lindex each month b) quarterly grid reports like we used to see c) town hall meetings, even if a bit 'prepped' ~ sort of like a reddit 'ask me anything' I don't expect miracles from a private company; in fact I expect them to keep some things private (by definition). But if transparency's a thing, let's see it. I can take not so great news. But I'm going to have a real rough time with just the illusion of transparency. * * * * * Anyway, it's too early to tell what we've got here. I'm still quietly hoping to be pleasantly surprised, amazed, &c. But we'll know sooner than later, I think.
This is just mindboggling. How much can they forget as a company in less than five years? 19 seconds shaved off the install. 19 minutes of being subjected to idiots and griefers solidly intact. Honestly, if they want to change retention, take the *exact same staff* working on the code, and have them simply available to be helpful, friendly, and defend new residents from jerks. That will 'move the needle' more than *anything* they could ever possibly code. All they are doing is getting new residents to the 'what's going on and why am I being griefed' stage *even faster than before*. Fantastic misallocation of resources yet again. They know this. They *knew* this. For years and years. ZZBottom in the comment above me has an interesting idea... "a tutorial zone, where new users will be, will learn how to walk, to make use of the build tools, how to dress, offer some really good quality avatars, have live music and exhibitions on those spots as well!" Just imagine something like that... with maybe, you know, communities and stuff participating... hey, maybe even a successful place would have its tier covered, from making Linden just all *kinds* of money from the retained residents. Wild idea! Imagine if someone thought of that several years ago... hmmm...
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Feb 28, 2014