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Good points, Paul. Here's another mobile payment option by Moneris: Speaking to your first point, measurable, dollarized statements combined with salient competitive intelligence, a pro-active plan, and authentic long-term relationships go a long way. Hope that all is well, Mike Career Mobile Media specialist P.S. Am currently working with another mobile payment company, if you'd like additional info....
Question #2, "Has my love, support and friendship made a difference to others?" -- for me -- sums up the answers to questions #1 and #2. May your next 50 years be even better than your last 50, Paul :) Good luck with your climb, and do remember to stretch your achilles/calves in preparation for it! Best, Mike CN Tower climber in a former life...
Well said, Paul. The following article supports your column: it is about Beyonce registering her baby's name as a trademark -- a very...personal, Personal Brand (!): Can we expect to see a new Copcutt Cologne line forthcoming? Best, Mike ;)
Sounds like you're quoting Marcus Buckingham, Paul :) Interesting how society teaches us to fix our mistakes/weaknesses rather than leverage our strengths. I like your idea of undertaking a personal SWOT analysis. Best, Mike.
Good points, Paul. Speaking to point #1 of personalizing your desk, cubicle, or office space, psychologist Samuel Gosling, conducted research on how someone who doesn't know you can get a more accurate sense of who your are -- compared to people who have known you for years -- by scanning your house (in this case, a student's dorm room for 20 min.) for clues to your agreeableness (how helpful and trusting you are), conscientiousness, emotional stability, and your openness to new experiences. In "Blink", Malcolm Gladwell observes that Gosling's research may also suggest that this could possibly apply to your home. It follows that this could extend to your work space through your expression of your Personal Brand. This works on the principle of what Malcolm Gladwell calls "thin-slicing" -- the ability of our unconscious to find patterns in situations and behaviours (i.e. Personal Branding) based on very narrow slices of experience (i.e. snap judgements). Best, Mike Mike DeSousa Career Mobile Media® specialist
Great points, Paul, especially on the art of story-telling; in this internet age, people often forget the power of this old oral tradition for passing on beliefs and values across cultures. A different spin on your coffe analogy is to use chocolate :) Why buy a bulk-barn version of Turtles rather than the real deal? There's also something to be said for the impulse buy of chocolate and candy near the grocery star checkouts... Will be presenting at Cannexus on Career Mobile Media® this coming Sunday in Ottawa :) Best, Mike (under construction) P.S. The best analogy that I can compare one's Personal Brand is "what people say about you when you're not in the room."
Good article on being 'grounded' in our foundation work, Paul. Your note on staying engaged in our values and passions reminds me of using one's strengths; more info. here: I found the test to expand on one's Myers-Briggs Personality Profile in detail, with actionable outcomes. Best, Mike (under construction)
Great reflective exercise for some much needed insight, as well as to take stock of the 2011 foundation on which to build 2012; thanks, Paul! Best, Mike.
Good points, Paul. Notwithstanding in-person contact, it will be exciting to see how video-phone interaction (i.e. Skype, Google Nexus/Plus integration, etc.) carves a niche into our communication channels. Best, Mike.
Good points, Paul. With Google+, the great value in it includes efficient and effective market segmentation (i.e. customized Profile Update messages & resource sharing) as well as videoconferencing (and of late, "trending" similar to twitter, on the right corner of your G+ Wall) that is currently not available on Facebook or Twitter. Consequently, because G+ offers capabilities that were non-existent when someone decided on how to communicate to your target audience (#1) AND the number of your audience on there already (G+ is so new that people are gradually getting on there). In addition to the valid points you make of importing your contacts and avoiding the 'Johnny-no-mates' reputation, I feel the best way -- for G+ -- is to be an early adopter (in this case) and encourage others to join, given the benefits...even if you are one of the few on it to date. Why not be a Leader? If people respect you, they may even think, "S/he is on to something; I better check this out!" Great points, given the ubiquitous, redundant, and fading social networks that are out there. Best, ~ Mike P.S. Little Chinese trivia on Social Networking in China: China's other popular social networks include QQ & RenRen...
Agreed, Paul. Interestingly enough, given that body language, followed by voice characteristics (i.e. voice tone), often influences one's likeability, it would be interesting to note how our politicians communicate to SHOW likeability non-verbally and project likeability in their voices. ~ Mike
Nice article, as always, Paul. To piggyback on your point #3, if the employee can measure their value through a task/project, it gives them a chance to quantify and qualify the positive impact they've made -- something to add to their Personal Brand. As you know, besides measuring one's impact in dollars (preferred by employers), an employee can also measure his or her impact on processes, people, quality, and the environment. Best, Mike
Your post reminds me of "Lovemarks", Paul:, and the power of a loving Brand. Jack Layton's Personal Brand was definitely one of a powerful, articulate, and caring Leader. As you mentioned, his last letter touched the Hearts of so many, including mine. Thanks for a great Blog post, Paul. Best, Mike.
Makes one think of what happens when Leadership's Personal Brands top the companies that they work for, i.e. Steve Jobs & Apple.
Lao Tzu said it best: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." One can apply this concept by using Google Calendar to schedule in that one step, and to add it to our Google Task list -- greatly increasing our effectiveness, though as you know, one can use any scheduling and time management software program...and no, I do not own Google stock :) Best, Mike
Creative idea, Paul! I especially liked the way that our elected officials chose objects in relation to their cultural background, e.g. the tiger. It's interesting how an object possesses multiple meanings in multi-cultural markets. Using the tiger symbol mentioned above, are you portraying protection or aggressiveness as part of your Personal Brand? One of the counselors picked a shovel to illustrate her penchant for building green projects; I doubt she thought of the association some people may have with politicians shoveling manure! So, Paul, what are your objects? An ear for listening, an iPhone for communication, or a mirror to reflect people's voices back to them? Sincerely, Mike
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Nov 30, 2010