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Very valid point you have made, and exemplified by your post/article on giving to others, and brought home by my encounter with two people taking orders at the drive through. The first asked me if I wanted a particular promoted selection. I said that I was looking through the menu board. Another voice came on and said, "Do you plan to order anything?" I might add that I sensed great frustration, or anger or something with the tone of voice. I said, "yes, I do, in just a moment....." I returned 'nasty" with kindness.....I actually knew which second person who had raised the question, as I frequent the drive through about once a week. I could have pulled out of line, I could have returned nasty.......When I got to the window, she saw me....I did inquire from the first voice as to whether the second voice was head management........ It boiled down to returning respect and kindness for a: 1. bad day? 2. bad hair day 3. something bad...... Who knows, I think respect and kind treatment was and is due each person, on both ends of the speaker, or in every day communication.
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Jul 10, 2012