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Pandora, the Na'vi, the science, the language... What do you think is most impressive about the world that James Cameron has created in AVATAR? Looking at these different elements listed above that Cameron placed in AVATAR, all of them are impressive. However, what it all boils down to is I truly believe that the concept of the Navi itself, solely puts all of the other elements into place. If the Navi, were to be replaced with a substitute, then all of the other elements would bear a different meaning. The language would change, there would no longer be the language of the Navi, but the language of another life being. Although the world of Pandora was designed beautifully, however it is still nature that is similar to the jungles and rain forests of earth. Science is never created, it is always there and people do not know the extent of what it can really do. As you notice the scientific elements of AVATAR, are all within the realm of what can be. It is the fact that the Pandora, the science, and language that feed off the Navi, whom interact with humans within the movie, is the reason why that I deem that the Navi, is the most impressive contribution to the movie. For without the Navi, AVATAR would not be AVATAR.
Each and every scene has their own highlights. However, there was one that really caught my interest. My favorite scene was the scene were Jake and Neyteri were flying the Ikran across the skies of Pandora for the first time. Nature is beauty in its purest form, and this movie certainly caught this beauty of Pandora especially in this scene . You got to see vast mountains, the seas, and all the trees from afar, what more could be asked for? Also, this was the point were Jake realized that human life does not compare to the life of the Navi, due to the corruptness of humanity, so It was really a critical point for story development. Shoot, If were to experience that one moment, similar to to this scene, I would be first to sign up to be become a Navi as well. Who needs money, when you can enjoy the bare fruits of nature.
How many times did I see the movie Avatar and what was the best time? I have only watched it a few times, as a matter fact three times has it been that I have watched Avatar. Twice in theaters 3D, once on a friends DVD. All three times, to me, it could be said it was a kodak moment. Of course it couldn't be like a kodal photo but more like motion picture trilogy called "Good Times with Avatar". First time with my father. Second time was my best friends, third time, best friends revisited. At first I was rather skeptical about watching this movie, especially because I am not the hardcore sci-fi movie type of person. However I was astounded after I watched this movie, what I really liked the movie was just that the lifestyle of the Avatar almost symbolized freedoms in its truest form in my perspective. There were many great themes in this movie, and this movie didn't concentrate only on the specs of the mechs and space..I could go on for a while on why I enjoyed this movie, but considering this is a blog post it would be best to make it as short as possible. Now, if I had to really pick from the "trilogy" of my memories. It would be a tough choice. However, I would have to say that best time was the first time with my father. It was such a great day as it was, and then me any dad really bonded with each other because if this movie, which we have not done so in a while, so our relationship really took off. First movie in a while in which there is some sentimental value to me behind it. Thank you production team for doing that, it really made that day.
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May 6, 2010
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