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Julien Deveraux
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I've said this in a few places (including PlanetFeedback) and had absolutely no luck in geeting a response from either company. I purchased a Tassimo machine last xmas and was enthralled that I'd be able to buy Starbucks-branded "t-discs" and make both regular coffee and latte/cappucino beverages at home with very little effort. The machine itself is expensive (~200.00 bucks) and the coffee itself isn't cheap either. (10.99 for 8 lattes) and 9.00 for 16 "single-mugs" of Starbucks coffee. But, I'm more than disappointed that the agreement that Starbucks/Kraft had with Tassimmo ended rather abruptly in March of this year and now I no longer have this ability. Further, I don't find this "consolation prize" of giving Keurig the Starbucks retail business is "good enough" since the Keurig machine doens't make lattes/cappucino's like the Tassimo machine does. Tassismo has since not come up with a good enough premium coffee brand to substitute the loss of Starbucks and Starbucks doesn't seem to give a shit that I'd have to buy a completely new system just to enjoy half of what I enjoyed prior.
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Sep 23, 2011