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With its low drag and low weight, YOATMON may be right. A 2 x 100 kwh e-motors units should enough for a family car The near future SSB and associated longer range will be an extra winning point. Tesla will have to keep up to reduce selling ettc.
Could become the world best selling city clean e-cars very quickly..
USA GM could go under.......but not GM China...
Good idea to join with Toyota for FC experience...
These and similar low cost Chinese e-vehicles could signal the end of US General Motors....
The current batteries limit charging to one+ hour..
A hat to VW....
Good news for lower cost H2 and future H2 economy.
We are on our 3rd Camry Hybrid with not enough e-range.
By 2050 may be too late...
Time has come to switch to EVs, H2, Hybrids.
Another step for future H2 economy.
Ideal to extend EVs range in cold weather places.
Another good near future use of H2.
Interesting JV for near future e-trains.
China is way ahead of the other countries and will be more so in the future.
Duplication of E. Musk efforts.
Not the best final solution.