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Thanks to California (and a few other States), USA may slowly switch to cleaner (electric + FCH2) vehicles by 2050 or so? Other major environmental problems remain to be solved. Chemicals used in agriculture will have to be further restricted to reduce the number of associated illnesses including the huge increase in autism cases in the last 20+ years. A progressive switch to meatless (burgers + hotdogs + ribs etc ) for human food could help to reduce GHGs emissions?
Batteries produced and recharged with REs could become one of the efficient way to reduce pollution and GHGs associated with transport vehicles.
Good news for near future improved FCs to compete with batteries and ICEs.
China could easily lead the world with massive near future clean energy (electric and H2) mixed stations for HEVs-PHEVs-BEVs and FCEVs.
The religious Sunni-Shite wars are far from being over? Will it scale up to nuclear wars? What would be the total effects on oil production vs oil required and the environment?
Near future longer lasting, lower cost, higher performance batteries and/or combo batteries/super-caps will provide up to 500,000+ Km low cost cleaner driving. Replacing those new batteries with more up-to-date lower cost units after 12-15 years should be easier and cheaper than replacing an ICE + associated sub-units?
Interesting production growth for EV electrical units?
Interesting to see BMW and Toyota to join their efforts to mass produce high quality extended range FCEVs?
Yes, a combo unit (this type of battery + super caps or other ultra quick charge-discharge units) could meet requirements for extended range EVs (650+ Km) and eventually for small commercial e-planes?
The above are all polluting bio-fossil fuels buses. Where are the cleaner running FC/EV buses?
An interesting lower cost extended range EV by a major manufacturer. Will be ideal for users without home charging facilities.
Good start but still a very low % of total?
Yes NMW, car factories can be built about 3X times faster in China for about 40% to 50% of the cost. Ongoing mass production cost is also much lower.
A wise investment by IONITY.
Common sense approach to reduce traffic density in city cores. Charging time is way too long.
Similar systems have been used on many higher efficiency Heat-Pumps for many years?
Cities may have to split street use in two, i.e. 50% (12 ft) for bikes et 50% (12 ft) for cars and make most streets ONE-WAY for this to work?
Over 400 car plants, in China, are producing electrified vehicles and/or part of. The wealthy minority may drive Teslas and/or e-Posrches but millions will soon drive lower cost made in Asia EVs?
All near and long term electrified vehicles (small to very large, HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs) will require more and more up-to-date batteries unless more on board higher efficiency solar cells are used. None-lithium batteries are still many years away and lithium may have to be used for 10+ more years?
Good news for near future modular battery combo for more flexibility and variable range/price?
Yes mahonj. Japan, So-Korea, EU and USA are all getting scared of China's accelerating industrial growth. Competition will put more pressure on all industries. What will happen to near future green energy growth and H2 economy?
Att: SAEP. Polluting bio-fossil fuel energy facilities will be progressively phased out and will be progressively replaced with much cleaner lower cost REs. Since the e-energy required by 2045/2050 will be twice as much as today, many more new/added REs facilities together with storage will also be installed. Large very costly NPPs are no longer competitive and constitute questionnable investments. REs, storage units, electrolysers, H2 production and distribution facilities will soon become better investments, starting in the next economic down turn, forecasted for 2020? So, sell your nuclear and bio-fossil fuel stocks now and wait a few more months to re-invest in clean energy.
Extended range electrified buses and shorter range e-buses without ICEs are essential to reduce air and noise pollution and GHGs?
This extended range e-unit will probably be built in China for the Asian market?
Leasing adapted Class 8 FC trucks with services and fuel to users in EU and USA for same or less than equivalent diesel units is a smart idea to gain a large user base. Wish Nikola well!