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Great post, Rick. Here's my rant as a follow up. I'm 38. I guess that puts me somewhere in the middle. As narrow-minded as some people think Rick is on occasion, I have to say that he's typically pretty accurate in his predictions, as well as his view of the current state of this particular industry. This seemingly popular idea that "hey, we're in a down economy, so most of the blame should be placed on the older generation" is just rubbish. Plain and simple. Opportunity is everywhere. The problem is attitude. Work ethic seems to have been lost. Respect seems to have been lost. Arrogance is absolutely through the fucking ceiling. You so many younger people bitching about how they are not able to find success or a job in a down economy. Where does failure play a role? Are they to good to fail first? You MUST fail before tasting ANY success. Again. And again. and Again. Yet they fail once or twice and then outright blame the "system", instead. They have zero modesty and feel entitled to immediate success. Don't get me wrong..this generation bleeds an enormous amount of creativity. The problem, is that it lacks the muscle and humbleness. Every kid with an ipad and an overnight idea thinks they are the next Steve Jobs out of the gates. They focus so much of their energy on the "image" of being an Entrepreneur, rather than actually being an Entrepreneur. Are there a handful of younger people who behave this way, yet still manage to find success? Sure there are, but like Tom Petty said, even the losers get lucky sometimes. But that ain't the norm, nor should it ever be expected. There are so many of these hipster, Steve Jobs wanna-bees. In comparison to the number of people of this generation who are aspiring Entrepreneurs, very few will have the modesty, experience and the muscle to withstand the sands of time. At the moment this viewpoint may seem false, but that's because there is so much BULLSHIT and FLUFF being exchanged right now. Good ideas are a dime a dozen; but if the idea lacks muscle it's doomed. Any business based purely on "Handouts" is not a solid business. Good ideas + previous failures + experience + respect + execution (muscle) = success.
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Jul 12, 2012