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I remember liking his speech at the Repub convention in 04...he has evidence of a real human being somewhere in there...stay tuned.
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2007 on Giuliani & The New Middle Right at Cobb
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We have plenty of examples of governments gone over to the dark side - and Bush's America 2006 ain't nowhere near any of them. Liberals and NPRistas seem to want Bush to be another Hitler. Governments gone over to the dark side - real death-squad inflected governments - don't pay for cool film-makers to go around making documentaries about their own evil governments; or permit said cool film-makers to go on national radio to chat about their evil government. Their very talkiness about death squads belies their seriousness. NPR's, the left's, investment in misrepresentation is deep.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2006 on What Everybody Knows at ShrinkWrapped
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The probelm is that conservatives can understand liberals but liberals cannot understand conservatives. Watching Letterman and O'Reilly you realize that Letterman does not know how to debate. Or he cannot debatet. He can only mug for the camera or offer up cheap shots ("60% of what you say is crap!") Letterman has an image of O'Reilly as some kind of right wing ogre who wants to stomp on poor vulnerable Americans. But Letterman does not really know what O'Reilly is trying to say. He does not have the receptors. His liberalism doesn't allow him to listen. Recall the movie "About Schmidt" you hear during a brief scene that Rush Limbaugh is playing on Schmidt's trailer radio. Schmidt is Hollywood's version of an essentially unconscious, non-reflective, unintellectual, unaware American - ergo he listens to Rush. Conservatism for liberals is a kind of unaware void that they cannot formulate arguments with (for all their supposed brains).
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Yes very good roundup here. So far the Dems have followed your trajectory of perverse descent - and like you it doesn't make me happy. How the Dems walked towards the light leading to 2008 would make for high drama. With pug and smug Dean at the helm, though...who knows. Cheers.
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2005 on All your base are not ours at CenterFeud
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