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You could be right. The over-tracking and over-posting might eventually lead to more friend “ignores,” app authorisation removals and other reactions thwarting the whole concept on Facebook. Precipitation is not speed, haste is not quick thinking. Myspace are learning this the hard way.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2011 on Will Facebook Music Kill at hypebot
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As mentioned earlier by the esteemed fellow commenters, the tools are merely tools and should not be risen to the decisive status that this post tries to give them. Online presence is essential, outlets are important, keeping a finger on the pulse is crucial. This is something I see plastered all over the Internet. What I don't see is how to be a musician worth being heard. How to make music that is something more than a generic disposable mash-up up of the insipid influences. Business is cute, what is even more cute is having a worthy product (a.k.a. “art”) to apply the business knowledge to. I have a long rant on the subject at Dragonfly Lingo's web site, I won't reiterate it any further. What I can't stress hard enough is the importance of music above, before and beyond that of all business considerations. Tunecore-, ReverbNation-, Facebook-ise all you want, rubbish music, even given away for free, will eventually perish. “Clutter” and “noise” isn't always “them,” it just might be you.
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Apr 14, 2011