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Knowing what we know about the homophobia in Hollywood and the damage being "out" can do to careers I think it especially courageous for a young man of Zachary Quinto's talent and caliber to out himself at this stage of the game. I hope that fans like myself can lend our pocket change to movies and other endeavors to collectively send a message to Hollywood: we won't tolerate gay bashing and bullying wherever it may occur.
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Oct 17, 2011
Terminal 4 needs a revamp. The food offerings in Terminal 4, LAX are just horrible. And the food is terrible. Ironic LA has some of the best restaurants and foods available in the US and yet take a good hard look at what it's airports. As a recent visitor I say to all of you - tell your officials to change - fast.
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This women is a STAR in my book. She ROCKS. So very sad that people are so hateful - I think it demonstrates conscience, sensitivity and most of all moral conduct that is responsible for her. I also think she actually goes against the grain of some in society - which I expect of Ms. Paltrow. Yet another "cousin" of my fellow ancestor Mr. Brewster who fought for religious and social freedom, who continues fighting for social, political and religious justice. Keep pushing the envelop and rocking the boat, folks.
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In my case my mother already knew. I think it depends on the parents. Some parents ask because homophobia demands they know so they can toss their kid out into the streets. Some parents have deep-seeded anguish about their children with or without their sexuality and so the results can be disastrous. I think for every kid the answer is different. They know whether or not their parents have provided them with a safe place to broach the subject. I think the safest thing with kids is to give them a support system and have them talk with other kids and qualified adults who care about them. In some cases no harm, no foul - in others it could be a kid's body or life that is at stake. Or worse they could lose their home. People who have parents like my mom would have no worries - but I have heard horror stories and some adults are terribly repressed and troubled themselves - telling someone who is judgmental and hateful to begin with just invites an angry response. A kid knows his parent best. But not always their response. Chastity Bono had quite different experiences from her perceptions from her parents when she came out. That does happen. Cher initially flipped out.
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I think the Internet in general - no matter the context has created an artificiality that people use to justify bad behavior. I also think that in general people have become more cynical. And our prose whether that be in response to a blog posting, a Twitter tweet or in an online chat room has become incredibly hostile and rude. Some people absolutely would say what they mean and mean what they say - intending to be mean. To those people I say: you are not strong, not brave - you are just mean. Because it takes so little to be evil in writing. The people who are the most pathetic are those who post anonymously. As someone pointed out those people tend to be the biggest bullies when faced with their behavior. Typical of bullies they're all hot air and with enough booze or some other artificial substance - they're sometimes physical. I try to ignore these people but often they're very very loud and obnoxious. These people use ALL CAPS even though they know they're shouting - because it's fun to be rude. Somewhere along the line in schools and at work we need to teach people about etiquette and civility again. We need to practice this online. We can't legislate civility but we can boot people from services who can't be civil to enough to others and permaban them. Cyberbullies are becoming more not less prevalent. When I first joined the online community more than twenty years ago (yes for smartallecks the Internet did exist more than twenty years ago) cyberbullying was the exception, not the norm. Now cyberbullying is becoming the norm. I've seen increased evidence of this in kids especially. The things they say to their friends my parents would have shoved my teeth down my throat for saying to another human being. I think unchecked bad manners and physical violence is a dangerous trend and I think it goes far beyond just writing a few comments on a virtual wall. This is spilling over to face-to-face interactions. When kids become adults and can't differentiate the cyber environment from physical reality we'll see a huge uptake in homicide. Add in unemployment, underqualified people dropping out of school (and yes I mean colleges and universities) in increasing numbers, drugs and helicopter parents and we have some real problems. We need to lead as a gay community because we're a cross section of what is best about humanity. In general we're intelligent, well educated, capable, creative, compassionate and caring people. We just need to practice more positive behavior and be a bit more assertive with people who insist on being jerks.
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