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I ended up choosing the Synology DS411j (see because of the reasons you mention, Al, but also because it's a plug-and-play solution. I'm happy fiddling with tech but I'm not a guru. I wanted something I could plonk on my desk and start using quickly without a lot of hassle. This thing can do RAID, is super-quiet, is fast as lightning, and comes preconfigured with some really nice features, such as OSX Time Machine compatibility out of the box...which is important in our house. ;-) Other nice features are the built-in media server, download station, VPN, and even a security camera control station, if you want it. Pretty sweet suite (ha ha). I guess we'll see if it stands the test of time but I'm pretty pleased with it so far!
Russ, as noted in the instructions, check out the steps to find the print server name at
Mike, I'm sorry you're having these issues. I reached the end of my tether with Linksys and dumped them entirely from my network. I replaced the print server with a D-Link unit that was super-easy to set up. See this post for more info:
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Mar 15, 2010
Mario: Are you asking how to configure two printers on the same print server? If so, I don't have any knowledge on that topic -- sorry!
Glad it worked out for you, Markus!
Oh, I'm sure it will. And hopefully experiments like this will help!
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Haig, that's a great idea! I just updated the post above to include my GV number, so others can leave messages that will hopefully baffle the transcription service with amusing outcomes. "Did with crickets" indeed!
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@LW: *sigh* You cannot diminish my admiration of the Cheese with misplaced criticisms and petty squabbles about timing. Quality takes time to percolate. Not that I've ever noticed any undue slowness anyway...
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