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You should try darning in public. That really mystifies people.
It's good to know, as expensive predatory nematodes want a certain warmth. Personally, I always chit my beans on the kitchen counter, to be on the safe side. It also gives a better idea of germination rates. Very interesting comments on his site, too.
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Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to find myself warning someone not to pick the lacy blossoms of poison hemlock when they're in bloom along the trail here, which sounds like it's just plain dangerous to handle, but I pick where I know the county's going to trim, and I pick invasive weeds, like tansy, in massive armfuls. We just don't have many showy natives suitable for picking along the side of the row here. Sambucca racemosa smells too bad.
Oops! Missed the deadline/didn't expect to win anyway.!/photo.php?fbid=227079517398679&set=a.217282121711752.39680.100002898988102&type=3&theater Here's a seasonal bouquet -- personally, I love big, lush, crowded arrangements, though I love little tussy mussies, too. But great sheaves of fragrant forsythia, masses of plum blossoms -- love that. Never could afford really nice store bought cut flowers and those carnations -- jeesh. I'm not a fan of cutting gardens though,I want them intergrated into the landscape. So here, lots of Soloman seal, euphorbia, perrenial candytuft, angelica, and cardoon leaves.
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My husband wants figs, so I'll have to research the Celeste because it sounds like it produces only one crop of figs a season, which I suspect is the way to go in places, like mine, marginal for figs, though it's also likely to produce on old wood and winter die back might be an issue then, as I found it to be in espaliering, but the one I had came up readily from the roots, annoyingly even. Hey,nobody told me that fig leaves are fragant when dried and pleasant in potpourri or that they make a nice addition, when used in very small quantites and cooked, in fruit punches. If you've got latex allergies, though, beware.
What are their water needs like? I've always wanted to grow them -- love the natives in the mountains.
My husband attached a milk crate to the back rack of my bike. Though I only transport passive goods, would your dog stay in it, do you think? Does make the bike a trifle top heavy, though, so a bit wobbly. How much does your dog weigh? Carrying things in the front is actually more stable, in my experience.
Actually, Panatone just gets to choose from a palette decided on by an international consortium that makes color decisions years in advance.
Any idea as to what kind of paint and what method was used to apply the paint to the troughs?
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