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Yes. Jesus paid the price for everybody, believers and non-believers alike. And Christians don't have a monopoly on doing good, any more than non-Christians have a monopoly on doing evil. But just because Jesus' sacrifice redeemed everybody, it doesn't mean that everybody accepts that redemption. Even some of the best do-gooders, if they don't join the body, will be left outside when the bridegroom comes to call.
What Charles Wiff said above. Not that we don't have opinions on the topic, but we'd rather use our time to write on local issues that readers can't find elsewhere and pull a national column or editorial from elsewhere on topics like this.
Great minds and all that:
My cynical, grumpy old man answer: We used to get our sense of personal value from friends and family, religion and old-fashioned self-esteem. Now many of us get it by acquiring stuff. The more stuff we have, the better we feel about ourselves. And if we can make getting that stuff a big frenzied celebration, all the better. Preachers have been railing against Mammon for centuries, but we've managed to create our own national holiday to idolize it.
And did you hear that he canceled the National Day of Prayer? Scandalous! Of course, there's no such thing as an official ceremony for the national day of prayer, and he did issue proclamations designating the day every year, but that's beside the point...
I'm surprised at how many people I hear from who mention that they look at J. Reuben's bookings online. It probably rivals our own traffic.
Nope. Shouldn't have been fired. Yes, it was offensive, but some of the best editorial cartoons are. (This one wasn't one of the best, but then it's a college paper.) Besides, college papers should be a place where burgeoning journalists learn what works and what doesn't, where the lines are, etc. What kind of message is sent to these students if they get punished for pushing those boundaries? Journalism isn't supposed to be safe and sanitized. If you want that career, go into PR.
Don't think I'd really care if he were married. I think the real question would be whether he had children.