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David Gorsline
Reston (Fairfax County), Virginia
Recent Activity
A very nicely done interview. Do you get a video feed into the New York studio so that you can see who you're talking to? Or at least a framed 8x10 of Michel?
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2012 on An Interview with NPR at Apt. 11D
Saturday night I am adjudicating a community theater performance of Lettice and Lovage in Annapolis, and Sunday I'll be on Maryland's Sugarloaf Mountain for a wildflower identification class, weather willing.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2011 on What's On For Your Weekend? at Apt. 11D
Cape May is a popular spot for birders, especially during fall migration. So there are a bunch of gruff middle-aged guys who would dispute that "girliest vacation spot" claim. Of course, they're out on the beaches at dawn, rather than touring the town's painted ladies.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Cape May at Apt. 11D
I'm not sure that the first week of October counts as "summer," but I'm attending a weeklong convention of birders in Providence, R.I., with field trips to various New England wildlife refuges, including Block Island. I'm driving myself, so the car will be crammed with various totes and gear. I did recently spend $85 repairing hardware on two pieces of luggage. More satisfying than buying new kit.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2010 on Question of the Day: Vacation Plans at Apt. 11D
I love Storm King, and (as you can tell from this post) Andy Goldsworthy's wall.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2009 on Midweek Journal at Apt. 11D