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Teapot Diversions
Although politics has importance to our everyday lives, the ability to separate from the negativity is extremely challenging. One has to take the time to be at peace often and to return to the self. This is where dharma::vision emerges. I have created this place to go when I need to return to peace. I often talk politics, but also focus on my journey to a peaceful existence. I hope you enjoy reading my musings, blabber, ideas and the photography that I throw your way. Visit me at
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Very good point, Alex. I speak for all of us over here and can tell you that the Teapot Diversions Crew would agree with you. Unfortunately, in our "ready-made" world people often want it NOW. There are many ways to make tea very quickly, but some still don't have the time to spare and will turn to the convenience store for their beverage. In that case, high quality bottled tea is probably the best choice they can make out of the many available. Thank you very much for reading and commenting!
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Mar 15, 2010
I am actually creating a section of favorite videos and was just working on formatting. As for the video itself, I think it has a good message. What do you think of it? If you are trying to find it, it is now on the left hand side bar at the bottom. Peace and Joy to you! ~Amadeus
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2008 on My Ayurvedic Path at dharma::vision by Amadeus
Thanks to all of you for the responses. It is not hard to see that there is alot of disagreement here all around. Bryan, I think you have a point. It was a weak “repudiation” at that. However, Mr. Cunningham said that McCain threw him under the bus, so that is good. Besides, I am not sure we could expect much more from McCain. Mr. Dog, it is not hard to see from your website and your comments here, that you hate Barack Obama, you hate Muslims and their religion, you hate liberals, you hate Air America Radio, and not sure, but you probably hate me, too (I do hope I made your list.) But you love “hate radio” and the Republican Party. Pursuing a career in conservative talk hate radio might not be a bad step for you. You might be pretty good at it. Douglas, looks like you might be on to something. Peace and Joy to you! ~Amadeus
Doug, That is not entirely fair. If you don't think that Mr. Rumsfeld didn't anything wrong that is your opinion. Trying to make "Liberals" out to be something they aren't is ridiculous. Instead of putting it on "Liberals", why don't you answer to why Mr. Rumsfeld should not be brought before The Hague for what he may have been involved in with regard to prisoner abuse? Thank you for stopping by! ~Amadeus
Thank you both for stopping by and commenting on the passing of Ed Bradley. He was definately a loved soul and will be missed by all. Peace ~Amadeus
Sujatin, This is really tragic, very shocking news and definately needs to be responded to. I will notify my Buddhist connections here in Oregon. One of our main groups is the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Also, within my line of work, I am in touch regularly with several interfaith organizations--I will forward the information you provided here on to them. In Solidarity and Peace ~Amadeus
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Thanks for commenting. I was just dinking around and saw that someone left a message. I may just switch over. I like the look, it has alot of great tools and seems to have everything I need. Peace! ~Amadeus