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Buck Diamond
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A trojan horse convention right under our noses. Open betrayal and animosity to the Australian government. It's treason and the politicians will whine about it and do nothing really. How about declaring an end to Muslim immigration to Australia. That will give them something to really whine about while we laugh at them. There something about pomposity that deserves a good smack down.
Likewise a member of Australia's parliament should say 'We are going to ban Muslim immigration to Australia, and it is the Muslim's fault.' Hooray.
I think your ads got over $5 million in advertising time. That, my brilliant lady, is great. You have been on every network and your message has been given to the American people in full MILLIONS of times. It's priceless. Now you know CAIR can't stand it, absolutely, no way, ooooh, are they pissed. Does that sound like a religious organization? I hope all the slander and smirks roll off you like water off a duck. The truth will set you free indeed.
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Jan 28, 2012