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I love the photos - handsome Lewis and his handsome rival, and the goldfinch butts! I live in the Oklahoma City area I put out glass pie dishes of water for the birds and most mornings I can simply gently knock the dish against the ground and the ice slips out and I refill with a pitcher of hot water. I also have a bird bath heater I plug in with an outdoor extension cord for our taller copper bird bath when it gets really cold. The birds really do need water in winter and the water attracts birds like robins that seed will not.
Your day sounds much like ours was here in Oklahoma, with the severe thunderstorms, tornado watches and waves of wind and rain much of the day. Your mums are gorgeous!
What lovely colored thread - amazing you dyed it yourself! It looks so good with the natural colored linen. I do enjoy your blog with all the natural things in life!
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2012 on indigo stitches at resurrection fern
Mmm...the cheese with warm apple salsa sounds wonderful.
At first glance I thought the kayakers were you two, and some kindly Norwegian had taken your photo! Love the third photo with the roof, the yellow and white wildflowers and grasses and the bit of the sea. It's fun armchair traveling with you girls.
I hope you have time to do all those things! What a great place to visit. I eagerly wait for Mary Ann's posts each day and now I'm eager to see yours on this trip, too. And of course, your journals!
I didn't realize you had a Lewis and a Clark! What cool names and what incredibly cute kittens. Sorry it's just Lewis now, though. Love the doodles!
Here is another video of Boo really getting after that mouse on the cat game: And here is what happens when you let your cat play on the iPad:
I just read this post and was going to tell you about the cat iPad game that Lewis would love, but Jeanette beat me to it!! Yes, that's my cat in the Flickr link and he is addicted to the game! And MaryAnn should get it for her kitties, too! Get it here: Tell 'em Boo sent ya!
This is a really good thought-provoking post, Pam (and some awesome pages - I love the bright colors!). I took two extensive on-line tests - a right brain/left brain creativity test (I was 50% left and 51% right - don't ask me why they add up to 101%!) and an in-depth personality test, in which my strongest trait is conscientiousness, which they went on to say means I have to do things in a certain sequence of steps and am a perfectionist - but I'm also a creative person. These traits fight each other but I remind myself that's who I am and I have to be gentle with myself and not compare myself (and the amount of output of my creative work) with others, because we are complex beings and are much happier being who we are and getting as much done as feels right to us. Some people are creative energizer bunnies, but I'm just not one of them! :)
Alicia, I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've been reading and loving it for some time. The story about Andy and the burning log made me laugh and made me want to write and tell you both how much I enjoy what you guys put out there for us to see and read and learn from. It gives me a sense of peace reading many of your posts and if I only had to pick a couple blogs to read, ever again, yours would be one of them!
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2012 on Winter Spring at Posie Gets Cozy
My favorite kind, too. Thank you for every one of these gorgeous snow flake photos!
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2012 on my favorite kind of snow at resurrection fern
Each photo more lovely than the last! And yes, hurrah for snow!
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on snow walk at resurrection fern
The dog and I are sitting here snacking on chex mix right now!
Ginko leaves are just the neatest, aren't they? I recently bought some sticky notes that look exactly like these leaves!
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2011 on Hello Ginko Biloba at Tall Tales from Kansas
It could be the donkey. There is a mule a half mile or so from us that I hear sometimes and it makes some very strange noises. Mules, donkeys, burros - I think they all make these strange sounds.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2011 on the beast... at melissa mccobb hubbell
I'm sorry to hear you've been through such hell with health issues! It does sound like you are on the mend, albeit slowly, Melissa, and you are finding the best cures are to take it slow, go out in nature to relax and not worry about things like making your blog perfect for now, but just to reconnect as you say. Hopefully fall will be a new beginning for you! Take care of yourself. Diana
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2011 on hello it's me at melissa mccobb hubbell
Your last line made me laugh, Carol! You and Mary Ann have such a great outlook on life and travel. I enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing your photos and travel journals. I've wondered when you might teach an on-line journal class! The bits I've seen of your journals are pretty great and I look forward to seeing your Budapest pages.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2011 on Central Kavehaz at Tall Tales from Kansas
How lovely to have so many books full of creativity!
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2011 on unpacking journals and sketchbooks at Tuscan Rose
Love all of it! Charmed Sitcky Notes Laughing Whale Clipboard Bloom Memo Pad Anais Bloom greeting card
I do read your blog, Melissa, just on Google Reader, where you have to go back to the main blog itself to post a comment. My only ideas for Emily's room are to ask the landlord about painting the walls white or being able to tack up some white fabric of sorts to cover the walls. Good luck!
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2011 on thursday's thoughts.. at day2day
Nothing is better than a hot bath in an old enamel claw foot tub with a good book, right Melissa? I believe your 'aga sagas' are those wonderful English novels by the likes of Roseamunde Pilcher - the Aga being the stove in the kitchen that warms the whole house. I used to read a lot of those books, too, and naively thought most English people had Agas, till some years later when I had an English pen pal and she informed me how incredibly expensive they were and not for the everyday person's kitchen. I see Americanized versions now in appliance showrooms.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2010 on The Bath Room at day2day
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