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Fire's problem rests primarily on it's seeming complete inability to deal properly with people who go down on G, other clubs don't have the same problems because they bar people who go down on G for life, not until they can blag their way back in again. Having had to witness the state of people who leave Fire one wonders what Management and security are doing, oh yes counting the cash, until Fire and Area accept that shuttling sheep like punters between the two venues so that they don't go home when they should will only lead to more ambulances and no doubt deaths. Or will it take a sexual predator murdering someone in their venue before Lambeth finally see sense and get rid of a venue owner who's only motive for operating is profit!
Sounds like the CXR crowd have found a new home methinks!
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Nov 2, 2011
One wonders how the families, friends of the people who have died or and people who have ended up in intensive care as a direct result of the level of care HRH show their clientele? What has it got to take for this place to join the graveyard that it so desperately aspires to be part off...