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Diana Willis
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Dec 27, 2014
Amazing and so much love in this gift!!!
Congrats, so happy for you and hope your Christmas holidays have extra meaning this year with your gifts from TC and Provo!! TC you rock and so do all your sponsors, your DT and your fans and followers!! Happy New Year everyone ~ Diana
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2010 on Winner---- CONGRATS at TERESA COLLINS
It will be so fun to celebrate with whoever wins....can't wait to come back in a few hours. Thanks TC, you are so generous and giving!
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2010 on COMMENTS CLOSED at TERESA COLLINS
The chance to win so many wonderful gifts from you TC and Provo Craft is so appreciated for the 25th day of Christmas. Thanks so much, Diana
One more time for fun....just because I want Santa to come for one more visit here to TEXAS!! Thanks again TC and Provo Craft~Diana
Still BELIEVING and GRATEFUL for the opportunity to WIN such an awesome gift! xoxoxo Diana
Would love to WIN, Believin!!!
I saw this mama kissing Santa Clause after she wons the gifts from her favorite Santa, TC and her elves from Provo Craft...shhhhh..don't tell anyone!
So you will see this Texas mama kissing Santa Clause should she win, just sayin! Diana
Thanks again for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize package TC and ProvoCraft!! Can't wait for Santa to come back to Texas~Diana
Thanks so much Provo and TC for an incredible year of inspiration and for showing us all about the message and gift of giving when times are so tough for so many. Many blessings and success in 2011, Diana
Thinking about all the incredible ways that I can give back to our school here in Texas with all these machines. Would love to share these gifts with others and cant thank you enough for making the holidays so much brigher for so many who would not have this kind of HOPE this Christmas. Thanks TC and PROVO for being so wonderful this time of the year and offering up the gift package of a lifetime. xoxo Diana
This industry is so awesome not only for the most incredible companies and their products but because the PEOPLE are amazing@! They are what it makes it so special in so many ways. Thanks Teresa and Provo for putting the icing on the cake for the 25th day of Christmas. Muah xoxo Diana
B-E-L-I-E-V-I-N-G In A Another Miracle...would love to win all these amazing machines from Provo! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy 2011! xoxoxo Diana
TC, you make a wonderful Santa and you have had some great elves (those awesome sponsors today and this month)making this holiday season so much fun. Praying that you continue to be blessed and that your life is filled with Love, Peace and JOY!!
love this friend, hope all is great with you!!
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2010 on Pencil Lines Sk187 at Soldier Girl's Thoughts
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Camille, both of these are so awesome!! I see a lift coming on soon, again a big thanks from Texas for all the wonderful inspiration!! Have a wonderful and JOY-filled Tuesday and to all you wonderful ladies who come here as well. Muah xoxoxo
I love the phrase "I will fly again or I will soar again" I am in the midst of a long winter but know Spring is around the corner and am so blessed. I don't know what I would have done this past year without my faith. God's perfect timing and I so feel that way with your blog and many posts. Thanks from one bird with mending wings to another with mended wings flying again!!
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2010 on You Will Fly Again at MelodyFreebird
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Happy Sunday Melody, I am so glad I found my way to your blog today through the fabulous Teresa Collin's blog. Both of you are such an inspiration. I haven't had an opportunity to read enough to know about what happened to Marq but am so happy you have found your way through all the challenges and dark days. I wanted to write and or email you but couldn't get the link to work on my side. Would you mind emailing me at or on my blog at This past year was incredibly tough on me with my business and financially a disaster. After reading a few posts, the Miracles you posted really touched my heart. I will explain more in an email but would so love to talk with you and find out more about your retreats. Also what color test did you take? I would so love to know and based on what I have read feel I may be the same color but either way I would love to take the test. Thanks for sharing your life and for keepin' it real. I love that you are out there trying to help other women do better and helping them to be brave. I think it is so important for women to lift up other women and to pay it forward. There is always someone who needs love and encouragement! Diana
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I have way to much of EVERYTHING except time :-)!! But if I had to say just one thing I would say Paper and more Paper. Hope you are having a great weekend!!
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2010 on "something from almost nothing!" at still me
Seriously, my age is showing today :-). I forgot to leave one of my favorite quotes: Because to see your world change, you have to DO something to change your world - Cami Walker at Thanks again for the awesome RAK today!
Love love this new line, saw it today and would love to win it!!
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Feb 26, 2010