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Great article Frank, informative as always. I find this whole controversy typical of our scandal salivating culture. The media is being ridiculous- and yes, the ignorance of the subject is sadly telling of how far away from critical thinking (and research) that their journalism education is lacking- unless it is pure laziness. And young people are not exposed to the arts/art history anymore combined with the constant scandal mongering it is no wonder they do not have any knowledge or understanding of the art making process. So many artists have copied others. Van Gogh is a great example, He copied many artists, Millett in particular. Many of these paintings are virtually the same- except for Van Gogh's style, vision, brush work which made it his own. As far as Bob's paintings not improving on the photographs it is kind of comparing apples and oranges. If he had set up the composition and photographed it poorly then they could be compared. The painting medium and process adds texture, color, layers that change the feeling of the work. Maybe his technique is amateurish, I haven't seen the show yet- and being an unabashed Dylan-ette and having been accused of being a Dylan apologist (you bet) I will probably like them very much. Already the priest is moving me. On line at least it is gorgeous. Again, thank you for your wonderful article.
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Love this idea. I don't use die cutters (yet) but there must be something I can store this way. Unmounted stamps--- and ephemera for collage- especially text. I'm on my way to WalMart- hope they still have them.
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Aug 6, 2011