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Diana Zamfirescu
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Thank you so much! I am writing everything down :) The problem is that my parents got an organized trip through an agency (O.o) So we don't really know what's going to happen in the evening when we finish sightseeing in the city centre, if we will take the tourbus to the hotel, or they will let us go back by public transport. I was thinking that if they want to go back to the hotel by bus, before 8:00 PM, we will have trouble finding food (or anything to do) in that area, so that is an issue. The problem is that otherwise we have to go by metro like 15 stations to Anagnina station, and then another 5 stations by bus :( , that is if we decide to stay till later in the city centre and the agency leaves us there :)) By the way: how's the weather down there? It sais on the internet it's quite chilly and rainy next week.
Hello, I love your blog! I am going to Rome this weekend with my family and I have printed your recommandations. I have a big problem though. I have been surfing the net trying to find any good places to eat in the area of our hotel (which I understand is not that great, and is reaaaaaaly far from Rome center) in the Giardinetti quarter ( Can you please give me some tips, if you know this area? Thank you so much!
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May 24, 2012