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I am SO far behind on so many things--my study looks like a madwoman's nest abandoned because it was too messy--that I can't say how grateful I am to have read this, but how tears welled in my eyes when I read your account of "Urban Renewal." My attempts to pay homage to this great man and poet seem all the more useless, paltry, and completely unhelpful. Yet how right that he was paired with Ostriker. STEALING THE LANGUAGE mean the world to me when I first began writing. I remember being my reader at Bread Loaf literally GROWLing when he detected the echo of Plath in my poems. I protested that I liked Hughes too--and yes, I have reviewed both and think certain of his books very fine, though others just plain awful--and he said that was okay. Thus how perfect that Major read "Daddy" at Plath's induction into Poets' Corner at St. John the Cathedral, as did Paul Muldoon. These men know all about being from disenfranchised cultures and their big boots which crush the spirits and souls of most people and silence them forever.
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Mar 19, 2011