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Dear Barbaba I read your article Smile! you've got cancer' on 2 Jan 10 in the UK Guardian with much interest. I can indeed relate to some of your concerns, particularly about the fact that women are seen as 'weak' if they do not remain positive at all times. There are many emotions that we all go through when we are diagnosed with breast cancer. Since my BC diagnosis 14 years ago I have experienced a whole range of positive and negative emotions. My present campaigning energy comes not only from positive moments but also moments of anger which can propel me into 'challenge mode' whereby I adopt a rather cynical approach to traditional methods of breast cancer care that are just not acceptable. I will continue to campaign on the prevention of breast cancern. We should lift the blame from individual women and focus on just life style factors to include environmental factors and place this increasing problem in the laps of our politicians. We retain the spirit of feminism - the only difference now is that our voices are heard electronically. Let us not be silence by any more pink ribbons. Please take time to visit Breast Cancer UK's website for further news on our lates BPA Campaign to join in the fight against breast cancer. Much of our work is informed by research from the US and Canada and more recently, environmental partners in Europe. Dianne Dowling, Secretary, Breast Cancer UK.
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Jan 7, 2010