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Nathan W had some great stories about taking space in the mall during the holidays in order to increase adoptions. He even had volunteers dress as elves and make home deliveries. Our open admission public shelter recently merged with the private shelter and our committed to increasing adoptions
I have attended the No Kill conference in DC two years running, and I plan to be there again in July. I'm a little antsy because last year my 12 1/2 yo Aby died (in his sleep) while I was at the cocktail party. So, I hope I'll be remembered as someone in the forefront, and twenty years from now I will really be old!
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I voted for you as well as some of the folks I met at the No Kill conference this summer in DC.
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The Washington Animal Rescue League is doing a once-a-month free neuter/spay clinic for pitbulls -- no restrictions. They open at 8 am and by 8:15 they are full. Checkout the smiling dogs and proud owners on Debbie's blog for kids:
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Hi, I volunteer at the Washington Animal Rescue League... I'm a dog trainer and an adoption counselor. I also just attended a talk-back sponsored by WHS on pitbulls, where participants were quizzed on both of those posters. The discussion leader was a bit taken aback when I suggested No. 7 was a pitbull. WARL started using Meet your Match in March of 2008. The staff were highly skeptical at first. But it has proved to be so useful in helping to describe a dog (or cat) that now its second nature. I do see that people still pick by looks, but that's okay with me. I tell my potential adopters that now that DNA tests are available that is the only accurate way to know breed, and that we find that our guesses are wrong 85% of the time. Some shelters don't use breed designation. WHS uses "wiggle butt" and other descriptions instead of breed. Boston shelters use "North American Shelter dog".
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Feb 3, 2010