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Can the commentators who go by the names "Tayong" (Typekey profile and "Katakata" (Typekey Profile please get in touch with me with regards to an ongoing commemorative project on Bate Besong? They can reach me at Sorry folks for using this thread to reach these individuals. Dibussi
From "Africa Confidential" Vol 46 Number 20, 7th October 2005. ****************************************** Post haste On 4 October the Post newspaper of Cameroon published a front-page story alleging corrupt links between Social Democratic Front leader Ni John Fru Ndi and President Paul Biya. The story, written by Post reporter Clovis Atatah, cites a forged document 'allegedly based on an investigation by Africa Confidential'. This is completely false and Atatah and Editor in Chief Charly Ndi Chia now accept that their newspaper was duped. AC is not investigating Mr Fru Ndi nor has it circulated any documents accusing him of corrupt links with President Biya.
BB a coward? Then you definitely don't know what you're talking about or know very little about BB. I will advise you to read more about the "obasinjom warrior" at