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Hi Joe: It's always good to come across a dissenting voice, as such pieces help people like us, who are very bullish about the Amazon Echo, make sure that we are not rushing headlong without due thought and reflection. My own feeling is that voice on a mobile device that is designed for tapping and swiping is not the interface where voice belongs. The ability to interact with the world by speaking and listening should stand in its own right and should be respected for what it enables us to do. The Echo is the only interface to day that really takes the eyes-free/hands-free challenge seriously and solves that challenge well. I think the best way for you to feel the value that so many people are extracting from their Echo is to have one in your life. You simply can't fairly assess this revolutionary interface without having interacted with it seriously for at least a couple of weeks. Thanks & cheers, Ahmed Bouzid
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Mar 6, 2016