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There it is right there!!! Let's leave the negativity at the door...
We need to vote for our 01 team -
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2011 on Inside The Eye Of The Hurricane at Canespace
Would like to thank you as well Soup! I rarely post, but I'm definitely a regular on the site. Have gained a lot of great info from this place without all the hateful posts.... Really refreshning from all the other so called fan related blogs out there...
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2011 on Inside The Eye Of The Hurricane at Canespace
Manny: If Shannon is not Kirby's guy, does he have someone in mind? Really appreciate you taking the time to participate in this great blog. I don't post on here often, but I'm a consistent reader! You guys are great and make this the best Canes site on the web! Way too much bickering and garbage on some of these other ones...... BTW my LOF finalists are Travis Benjamin/KT & Curtis Porter/VT.
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Verizon Fios provides ESPNU in it's basic package along with many other sport channels. Just got it a few weeks ago & it's great!
Just saw this posted on the previous blog: UM D-Coordinator Bill Young ... ROCK CHALK
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2008 on Wednesday's Q&A at Eye on the U
1 reply UM D-Coordinator Bill Young ... ROCK CHALK
From MH blog: meet our NEW D-Coordinator ... RAID
Just got our new DC from KU!!!
Hey you guys haven't even realized we just got ourselves a new DC!!!!! Here is a link from the blog on the MH: meet our NEW D-Coordinator ... RAID
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2008 on Pins and Needles at Canespace
SOUP, Here is the answer to your question: Dennis Erickson - 9-2 (loss to only ranked opponents) Nick Saban - 6-6 ($4 million / yr) Tom O'brien - 5-7 Butch Davis - 4-8 Steve Spurrier - 6-6 (4th or 5th yr) Charlie Weiss - 3-9 (3rd yr) All of them have better QB's than us other than ND. Allow our coach to put his QB in the system, and the play will dramatically change. We are not only bringing in one of the best classes in the country, but they mostly consist of local players! Unlike the previous coach. Let's give this staff the time to take on such a challenge (to say the least) that was left behind.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2007 on Short List To The Superdome: Week 13 at Canespace
Don't you little narrow minded fa*% see how important it is to have a QB that Oregon has lost it's last 2 games to unranked opponents without Dennis!!! They just lost UCLA, who lost to ND. What do you expect our coaches to do? Put in the back up? Their hands our tied. We can't even rotate our LB's or DL's, due to lack of personnel. Give the coaches the time to lay the foundation, because that's where we're starting from without a QB. Stop trying to over evaluate the coaching ability so much, and evaluate yourselves as fans. Are you true fans, or just fairweather bi%*hes. BTW, I guess $4 million / yr gets you 1 more victory.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2007 on Canes nab Gulliver linebacker at Eye on the U
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Very well said MidWestCane!!
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2007 on Short List To The Superdome: Week 13 at Canespace
Hey Gay Country, If the sorry a$% gaylords are so superior, WTF are u doing on our blog? Why do you feel the need to come & defend that sorry a$% team on our blog? When's the lastr time we lost to the gaylords? Just get the fu$% out of here with that stupid shi%t! Little internet worm.
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Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2007 on A remedy for non-believers at Eye on the U
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Thanks for the info dom.
Very well said 86Cane!
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2007 on Here's a Hit at UM Hurricanes | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Can someone please post the new rivals articles. Thank you in advance.
Saw this on the grassy message board. I wonder why this doesn't make any headlines? Former Cowboys Star Surprises Cancer Patient Ashley Rodrigue March 15, 2007 - 5:50PM Doctors say he only has weeks to live but today a 27-year-old DeRidder, Louisiana man made the most of one of his last days with former Dallas Cowboys star Michael Irvin. Kevin Crayon was diagnosed with cancer last year, but was in remission after his arm was amputated. This Christmas, the cancer returned and after given only weeks to live... his friends worked hard to make one his lifelong dreams come true. "I never dreamed of this," said Kevin Crayon. But the 27-year-old cancer patient couldn't have been more awake for this surprise visit from former Dallas Cowboys player Michael Irvin. "Heavenly Father, we thank you for these moments." The moments Irvin spent with the devout Cowboy fan were made possible by Crayon's friends, who wanted to make one of his biggest dreams come true. Josh Foster said, "I honestly didn't believe that it would ever go this far, I just thought that it would be a good try, I never thought that I'd be standing here with Michael Irvin about to arrive." The plan started with a call to an old teacher with ties to the Cowboys. Veronica Karam said, "Josh called me Sunday and asked if I still had contacts there, well he had contacts but they were older, but he told me he would work on something and try to get something going." By Thursday afternoon, Irvin's plane was touching down in DeRidder, Louisiana and Crayon had no idea. Irvin said, "There's nothing more important than time because of the lack of the time that he has so that really is an honor for me to be asked to spend a few moments with him." "I brought a jersey for you... oh man!" Donald Crayon said, "It's heartwarming to see it come true, we never dreamed it could ever happen so I know it's one for the greatest things, one of the best events of his life." Foster said, "He's a really great guy and he deserves this more than anything." Crayon says if god allows him, he plans to make the first season of the Cowboys' 2007 season.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2007 on The Next Step at UM Hurricanes | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Thanks for all the updates canez1. Congrats on the deal!
Can someone please post this article on rivals: Cane signee a keen observer at spring practice
Thanks for the update CoCane. Also, I agree about Kyle having to go through all the sh*t he' endured while at the U!
Let's make our voices be heard! Here's the contact information to that piece of Sh*t: Commissioner Joe A. Martinez Downtown Office Stephen P. Clark Center 111 N.W. 1st Street, Suite 320 Miami, Florida 33128 Phone: 305-375-5511 Fax: 305-375-5883
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2007 on 10 Question at UM Hurricanes | Sun-Sentinel Blogs