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Renewable diesel is a low carbon fuel that will be increasingly important in meeting our climate and clean air goals and decarbonizing transportation. Contrary to the previous commenters assertion, emissions from using renewable diesel fuel are significantly less than conventional petroleum diesel, in part due to the fuels better ignition properties compared to regular diesel (higher cetane number, 65 vs. 40-50 conventional diesel). This means 50 to 90 percent lower in GHG emissions depending on feedstock and other emissions are significantly reduced as well - up to 33% lower levels of fine particulates; up to 30% less hydrocarbons (HC); up to 24% lower carbon monoxide (CO) emissions; up to 9% less nitrogen oxides (NOx);
It's too bad that BMW will not be bringing this fantastic technology to the US market. It is a classic example of what advanced and proven clean diesel technology can be!
Kudos to the ports for this real world accomplishment and note that a great deal of these improvements are attributed to new generation of diesel technology.
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Aug 28, 2018