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Ben Coats
Interests: music, guitar, running, fantasy, girls, video games, the holy bible, bonsai, meteorology, my lord and savior jesus christ, climbing stuff like a ninja
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Wow buddy. Wake up and smell the roses! Literally! Look around you? This is the beginning of the second decade in the twenty-first century!! Since the sixties we've been trying more and more to minimize carbon footprints, use recycled materials and pretty much anything to preserve our natural resources. Earth is anything but dead! Pictures like this are PROOF. Also, big company's are not the only source of greed in this world. EVERY human being is greedy. It's our sinful hearts that make us selfish and prideful.
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Jan 2, 2010
Yeah I need to post some too. I saw some beautiful pictures of ancient trees that are really cool.
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I like this photo. Earth is a beautiful place. No matter how beautiful Pandora is it still has its inspiration from Earth.
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I think that instead of earning weapons a Navi in an MMO would have to make them. Like completing certain challenges earns you the right to use certain items. (aka like in the movie where Jake earns the right to make a bow out of a branch of the Hometree)
What're you talking about? Get your head out of the clouds and think about the planet we have.
Yeah I just rented it yesterday and played through the first area. It is a HUGE jungle that almost feels open world (my favorite). The graphics are beautiful and you really feel awesome trudging into the unknown jungle and on the lookout for viperwolves :)
I agree. I'm renting the Avatar game and it is really immersive. I think it would be great if they made an MMO with the same mechanics as this game but made it an open world with endless possibilities. (And of course the ability to choose your own Ikran. Awwwwwesommmmme!!!)
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Dec 28, 2009
I agree partially. Read Genesis verse 2 in The Bible and you will find out why we are greedy and why we are at bad terms with nature. God designed us to protect and immerse ourselves in nature not to destroy it without giving back.
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Dec 28, 2009
It would be really cool if they made an Avatar open-world MMORPG. That would be awesome :D
Yeah that's basically my train of thought. Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies with Avatar in second. And yeah, it is a whole lot better than Star Wars.
I'm gonna rent it first and see if I like it. But I have heard that it is a good game.
Don't see it in Imax. See it in 3D and sit in the upper row. That way you can see everything and appreciate it without the nausea. But DEFINITELY see it in 3D.
It is a beautiful world. But instead of wishing I could go there, I appreciate the beauty of our world. If anything that movie reminded me of the beauty existing in our world. I looked at all the different trees our world has and saw that we have such a wonderful diversity. I am definitely gonna live in an ancient forest where I can be close to wildlife and climb as many trees as possible :D
Hmmm... I don't know if they're gonna make a movie sequel to Avatar :/ However I do think that they will continue to create books and video games. Maybe even a cartoon series or two. The Avatar movie will definitely live on in books and video games. If they do make another movie, it would have to be void of humans. If they brought the RDA back then it could turn out to be a bit of a re-tread. I think that they should use the RDA equipment left behind to travel to another moon close to Pandora :D Or maybe just have a search for another home tree? Anybody care to expand?
Wow Sam Worthington has got to be one of the coolest actors. I like how he's real humble and if you saw him on the streets you would never think he was an actor. That's probably what I like about this movie: the actors are fresh and real people.
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Dec 19, 2009
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Dec 19, 2009