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When one seeks information on the Internet you think first to use search engines. Most people use google, yahoo or bing. But sometimes this is not the optimal way. The large number of results are not always the solution to the information you are looking for. So it is better to know some key pages on the Internet. These key pages give visitors a list of sites that help users find what they want more quickly. An example: If your looking for news from a Latin country, say, Colombia, and you do not know the newspapers of this country, you can look in a web browser or open a website, give you a list of newspapers in that country. In this case there page, which offers a daily list of Latin American countries. These pages are very important key to search the Internet. Not to forget the key pages can add these to bookmark web browsers. The problem is that too many favorites to earn one does not know which page is being sought. That's why I made a homepage for the web browser with links more important to me. That's not me I have to memorize what my favorite pages, nor do I have to find pages on my list of favorites, which reached 50 pages contain web. Do not rely solely on search engines. These are important, but remember: search the Internet is more than just search google, yahoo or bing. Use Key pages that you know. Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2011 at Digital Diner
The main internet search engine is google. In some countries the word is used as a synonym googeln Internet search. For visitors on the website is indispensable appear on the first two pages of google results. Unfortunately this has led some developers of web pages, manipulating your pages so that as high as possible appear in the results, but contain no information of what was being sought. Why google search does not always mean finding what you are looking for. The criteria for a web page displayed at the top of the results in google are not public and are changing. So there are many gurus who offer their services to improve the appearance of a web page of google results. Many use all sorts of tricks and deception to achieve the abyss of google. All this makes the google search can turn into an odyssey seeking the desired information. Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2011 at Digital Diner
In our world as we know, the important role played by self-presentation, how we say what we say, then, as we write, our skills, abilities, intelligence, and much more. One of these main parts as is the significance of words. Sometimes we represent the meaning of the MyWebSearch word is not so, what it really is. Recently while surfing on the internet I noticed some words that use the authors of the articles, but there is an impression that they do not understand what the meaning of words they use. For example, often confuse the words "encryption" and "encoding". Two completely different words, but in the article about encryption, the main reason the term is replaced by the coding. The same mistakes and being seen in the literature, especially the not so new (s, a kind, 60-70). For those who want to be a worthy and respected member of the sphere of information security, should read this article. Here we go! "Encryption" and "Encoding" - what's the catch? Encryption - the process of transforming information to hide the semantic component of this information. Coding - process of transforming information into another more convenient form for perform some operations: the generation, storage, transmission and processing. As you can see, the encoding process does not mean by a hidden meaning, which is information. Cryptography, on the contrary, in order and designed that would conceal the true meaning of information. Often it is the "encryption" is confused with "encoding", and not vice versa. Be careful! "Decryption" and "Decrypt". Two, apparently, the same words by meaning. However, If we think, the difference is obvious! Both these terms have the same meaning - the semantic component of the restore encrypted data, the only difference is that "decryption" conducted by renowned key and "Decrypt" without him.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Digital Diner
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Feb 3, 2011