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This sounds like GM's Voltec technology. If it is, it's a curious direction for an Asian manufacturer since PHEV's running solely on elctric power are considered the better option for their market as opposed to GM's Voltec which gives a vehicle greater autonomy compatible with North American driving patterns. This could be potential technology that will go into Chinese EVs slated for the North American market.
Please, don't lay all of the blame on GM for dropping the ball with the EV-1. Save some of the blame for yourself and others who voted for Bush or Nader in 2000. That simple act set the clock back on alternative propulsion development in the U.S. for 8 years. Without regulation and mandates form government, what would you expect from greedy capitalists who are looking to make a fast buck? What do we have to show for the past 8 years? We have lots of environmentally useless Flex Fuel vehicles built solely to help automakers achieve lax CAFE regulations. (By the way, a lot of those flex fuel vehicles ended up in government fleets.)
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Nov 27, 2009