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Andrew, thank you for the name check in the article and for a wave of nostalgia for my high school statistics! r2 tests, how I've *missed* you. This is a great question and a great set of data to help dive deeper. Time spent on an intranet is an interesting statistic, but as we noted on our article, it can be splendidly misleading. Time on Intranet v. Value: you draw the tempting conclusion that "The more time employees spend on the intranet, the more likely it will be perceived as being more valuable", but, equally, couldn't you conclude that *because* an intranet is seen as valuable, people spend more time on it? Maybe semantics, but I think there's a subtle and important difference between these statements. Delighted to see that though low r values, we can dispel the tempting myth that time spent on an intranet is related to the page load times or to the quality of search and navigation. I conclude that people spend time on an intranet because the the content and the collaboration opportunities are compelling and/or, the longer they stay, the more the value becomes apparent. Great article.
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Jun 8, 2012