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one more thought... I just CAN'T believe the SAME writers - that took me (via a plane crash) to a mysterious hatch, on an ancient hidden island, inhabited by an esoteric tribe of people from a 1970's-era-physiological/scifi/hyper-classified research bunker that was studying a "SECRET SOMETHING" so incredible, that makes TIME and SPACE itself, bend to it's awesome mystical power... - gave me such a convoluted vanilla-flavored "Disney Cartoon" ending...
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May 25, 2010
Mark, Mark, Mark, "superbly written journey"? for the FIRST time, i have to question your (otherwise impeccable) judgment. The series writing was reminiscent of a 5th grader playing cut and paste. There was no "Prestige". no bread crumbs to go back and say "Oh My Gosh...they had carved this finale since day 1" the "great twist finale" was when you realize that you already saw the writers BEST efforts in season 1 and a few spatterings in early season 2 and brushed thinly through 3 4 and 5. the ending works for an episode of Twilight Zone or Outer Limits... But the "Lost Finale" was more like a 2.5 hour awakening that the writers were bluffing the whole time. It didn't best serve the imagination of the shows FANTASTIC reality. It merely tied neat little pink bows on all the characters, and sent them down the "Happy Bubbles Brook". Fight Club, 12 Monkeys, Memento, SAW (just the first one), Arlington Road, Shawshank Redemption, The Number 23, etc...are examples of a "superbly written journey" Writers that know where they are going and writing to that end. be coy... be clever... be mysterious... be withholding... bend and twist reality to stretch, confuse and make us think... but stay on target so when the audience looks back they are rewarded with a hindsight perspective that makes them want to rewatch the series immediately. ...but it takes no genius to craft the rabbit trails and the mediocre ending that we were offered to appease our LOST appetite. my 2 cents But on EVERYTHING else you say... you are entirely RIGHT! (don't worry... no one is perfect) ;)
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May 25, 2010