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David Dillard
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There are three main things I really wish were improved in my D700: 1. An option for more MPs. I'm terrible at composing on the spot and do much better when playing around in Photoshop afterwards. Having more MPs would let me crop more (I sometimes crop 2/3 of an image out). 2. 100% what you see in the view finder is what shows up in the final image, not 95%, not 97% - 100%. 3. Better low light handling. The one extra feature I think I'd like to see: 16-bit color. That would give 64 times more colors. I'm just not sure most printers or monitors would really be able to show the difference.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2013 on Nikon D700II at The Online Photographer
"As a thought experiment, let's imagine an ideal, noiseless monochrome sensor that converts each incoming photon to a photoelectron, and where each pixel can hold 1000 photoelectrons. Then its dynamic range is 1000:1 because the smallest signal it can record is one electron and the largest is 1000." Picking a nit here, isn't the smallest signal zero electrons?
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Oct 25, 2011