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I live in Germany the last years although I originate from a Southern European country with beaches consisted of "25% sand and 75% butts" as it was very accurately mentioned. It is true that banning smoke is very positive and definately such a law will help Germans smoking less. Hopefully it will soon enforced in Southern European states as well. However I have another idea that I belive it should be considered seriously by the American and by the European Governments as well... What about banning banning the war in Iraq? No, I am really serious, it includes a serious health risk! I mean perhaps the smoking ban saves 9000 lives of people in Massachusetts every year but an "iraq war ban" would save tens of times the above mentioned lives (I include Iraqi people)! Not even to point out how much money would be saved by the governments not only in weapons but also in healthcare for the tens of thousands of injured and permamently crippled soldiers and civilians alike. Now if you think of it, such a ban would be really more effective as banning war in one country will save more lives that banning smoking worldwide! Now just imagine what would happen if war was banned worldwide!!! And to move even further if personal firearms were also banned! I mean, ok if you want to hurt yourself by using a gun or fighting a war, well you have every right to do it! But don't hurt others that they are against it! P.S My depest condolences to the German soldiers that passed way these days, fighting a war in Afghanistan, a war that it wasn't theirs...If this war ban was only enforced, they would be with us today....