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Mar 15, 2010
Biography does matter, and I am positively thrilled that a woman who has experienced both the hardships and opportunities of this great nation has been nominated to sit on its highest court. The Supreme Court and the American people will be elevated by her presence.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on Reader Comments at Our Values
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I've only read articles about, and not actually held or used, this new siddur, but I'm already troubled by its underlying purpose, however well-intentioned, to try to be all things to all Reform Jews. How could such a thing ever succeed without being too cumbersome for an elderly woman to hold through an Amidah service (even an abridged one), and especially too weighty to press to her heart? I need to actually pick up the thing, of course, but from what I've heard so far, I must say I'm quite saddened by the prospect, which sounds like a step in the wrong direction, and not only from the standpoint of physical weight.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2008 on A place where prayer can dwell at Velveteen Rabbi
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Mazel Tov, Rachel! I love the little bunny moniker, too. As for John Cow, it's apparently considered a clever name because John CHOW had an internet money-making scheme that ticked off Google (apparently by profiting from people who clicked to be eliminated from its list), and John Cow is a site that exposes such "cash cows" -- or is itself a cash cow, or helps people become rich bovines -- or something like that (don't quote me)! Anyway, Velveteen Rabbi obviously operates on a much higher level.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2008 on Velveteen thanks at Velveteen Rabbi
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I am humbled by your story and grateful for your continued good health. You give so much to so many -- including daily inspiration to me. So I raise my teacup to you, Rachel: L'Chayyim! To a long and healthy life!
Toggle Commented Dec 26, 2007 on One year stroke-free at Velveteen Rabbi
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