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btw, i had said the same thing about mdec's recent embracing of open source about six months ago in an openmalaysiablog posting i made at
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2009 on MSCOSCONF at Open Malaysia
"You put cash down on the things you believe in, and trust me, from within these four walls, we believe ini the growth potential of Open Source, the job creation, GDP contribution and overall economic development..." thanx for the comment jasni. but like i said, i've been there before with mdec, and efforts and actions over the next few months will tell if this is more than 'hangat hangat tahi ayam', no offence intended. i'd be curious though, as to how and when this epiphany came to mdec. " be gained by supporting grassroot movements." that you say that is in itself is telling. open source is more than just a grassroots movement. its a development and software distribution philosophy which rocks the cradle of established software development and distribution systems commonly used. its no longer just grassroots, but has become an industry in its own right. companies today have been formed around open source software and projects, and it has made massive inroads into enterprise IT and MIS departments, with support, development and feedback coming from across the spectrum of the IT industry. while at it's core, it's driven by committed individuals and groups centred around software projects, it has come a long way when it was purely a grassroots movement. "The geniuses here in MDeC have plans, but in the spirit of all things Open Source, shouldn't this be a community driven concept as well?" which is exactly the point i was trying to make. initial feedback i'm getting is that this doesn't seem very community focussed. inviting the community to attend an event is a good thing, neverthless inclusion of this community into the project itself is critical. a lesson to be learnt here is that open source projects can't be owned, and having a fear of that is something which mdec should eradicate soonest, less this falter again and lose the support of the very crux its existance. you mention plans, it would really be nice if these plans were known, and there's some community input into them, not just from open source afficiandos, but also msc malaysia status companies which are building open source software. such initiatives are what will make or break this.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2009 on MSCOSCONF at Open Malaysia
while that may be so, it's not the first open source conference in the country, so the conference signals mdec's first foray into open source. and well, i sure hope you chaps do succeed. however certain questions still remain on this, prime among them is perhaps the notion of what the funds will be spent on and mdec's support of open source issues, including the afore mentioned odf process at sirim where the mdec representative clearly voted against it, instead of abstaining. and while was launched with much fanfare, it right now resembles a facebook and social media type site. i wonder what the game plan on this is to be.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2009 on MSCOSCONF at Open Malaysia
some of us have dealt with mdec and are old enough to remember that mdec usually blows hot over something, and then ignores it the next two years. any kudos for funding and organizing this conference will only be worth its salt if six months from now, mdec still shows their commitment to open source. i too still remember when the mdec representative did not support odf at sirim's committees.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2009 on MSCOSCONF at Open Malaysia