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sorry sarah, another y-chromy here (i can't follow directions either ;). great post. my wife is an exec recruiter and i always encourage her to realize & focus on her advantages. by simple example, try seeing the reception difference a male cold caller gets to a female cold caller. very interesting to observe this. find your advantages and leverage those. i know where my weaknesses and strengths lie, so i de-emphasize the weaknesses and focus on my strengths. any woman can do the same as they have both too. sure some things are harder, but others are easier, so no whining, "just do it" getting funded, to running your own gig, to joining a founding team..."just do it"!
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Sorry for the late commentary here, but you might also check out what's happening under the hood at and their AppExchange program. I believe that this is part of what they're trying to do, though their data models may be a bit more rigid than you have in mind w/MySQL in the cloud.
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