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I said it. I was hoping that this time, it would be a natural death but i was mistaken and the minister has just confirmed that.The "timber-truck-crushed-BB's-Car" theory honestly doesn't make much sense to me. In my useless country, the government has the right to snuff out the lives of those who write and criticise their regime's corruption and unholy marriage to English Cameroon.When they get hold of such people's travel itinerary, then timber trucks suddenly appear on their way to the embassy. The ministers' message is loud and clear.He carries this from Etoudi, "if you want to be the next Bate Besong,then this will be your fate". Courage brothers do not stumble. The truth about Bate Besong's car being crushed by an "unidentified" timber truck is coming to light. TRUTH PRESSED TO EARTH SHALL RISE AGAIN AND IT IS NOT DIFFERENT IN THE CASE OF ACE WRITER,POET,DRAMATIST BATE BESONG.......BEST BOY.RIP
I said it. I was hoping that this time, it would be a "natural death" and the minister has just confirmed it.In my useless country, the government has the right to snuff out the lives of those who write against them.When they get hold of such people's travel itinerary, then timber trucks will suddenly appear on their way to the embassy. The ministers' message is loud and clear.He carries this from Etoudi, "if you want to be the next Bate Besong,then this will be your fate". Courage brothers do not stumble. The truth about Bate Besong's car being crushed by an "unidentified" timber truck is coming to light. TRUTH PRESSED TO EARTH SHALL RISE AGAIN AND IT IS NOT DIFFERENT IN THE CASE OF ACE WRITER,POET,DRAMATIST BATE BESONG.......BEST BOY.RIP
Oh BB,i never was a literature student but i never missed out on any of your articles.I remember the morning you were on "Morning Safari".Hard to believe that you are gone.........just like that? You will never be replaced.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2007 on Bate Besong's Last Outing at Bate Besong
point of correction "imput" not "inpuit".
"inpuit no guilt until guilt is proven" I'm not saying this man did or did not kill his daughter. My questions are where are the "chalk lines",DNA tests, finger prints,witnesses and other traces that link all these people to the dead person? Living human beings being forced to eat of a corpse.........oh my. This is 2007 Cameroonians not 1917.
Mr Poubom,Danny Boy,Kenny,Fon and rest this is an addition of what Katakata has just been expaining.Hope you understand basic bible truths.Try to get your bibles from your selves as from now and refer to them. Showing respect for life and Blood 1. Blood is sacred in God's eyes. God says that the soul, or life, is in the blood. So it is wrong to eat blood. It is also wrong to eat the meat of an animal that has not been properly bled. If an animal is strangled or dies in a trap, it should not be eaten. If it is speared or shot, it must be bled quickly if it is to be eaten.—Genesis 9:3, 4; Leviticus 17:13, 14; Acts 15:28, 29. 2. Is it wrong to accept a blood transfusion? Remember, Jehovah requires that we abstain from blood. This means that we must not take into our bodies in any way at all other people's blood or even our own blood that has been stored. (Acts 21:25) So true Christians will not accept a blood transfusion. They will accept other kinds of medical treatment, such as transfusion of nonblood products. They want to live, but they will not try to save their life by breaking God's laws.—Matthew 16:25. Read the folling articles below which will help you be informed about Bloodness transfusion and try to be balance as you read and judge at the end if Blood transfusion is actually a right practice Bloodless Medicine,The Growing Demand AT AGE 61, José, a Belgian from the small town of Oupeye, was told that he would need a liver transplant. "It was the shock of my life," he says. Just four decades ago, liver transplants were unthinkable. Even in the 1970's, the survival rate was only about 30 percent. Today, however, liver transplants are routinely performed, with a much higher success rate. But there is still a major drawback. Since liver transplants often involve excessive bleeding, doctors usually administer blood transfusions during the operation. Because of his religious convictions, José did not want blood. But he did want the liver transplant. Impossible? Some might think so. But the chief surgeon felt that he and his colleagues had a good chance of operating successfully without blood. And that is precisely what they did! Just 25 days after his operation, José was back home with his wife and daughter.* Thanks to the skills of those whom Time magazine calls "heroes of medicine," bloodless medicine and surgery is now more common than ever. But why is there such a demand for it? To answer that question, let us examine the troubled history of blood transfusions. BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS A Long History Of Controversy "If red blood cells were a new drug today, it would be very difficult to get it licensed." —Dr. Jeffrey McCullough. IN THE winter of 1667, a violent madman named Antoine Mauroy was brought to Jean-Baptiste Denis, eminent physician to King Louis XIV of France. Denis had the ideal "cure" for Mauroy's mania—a transfusion of calf's blood, which he thought would have a calming effect on his patient. But things did not go well for Mauroy. Granted, after a second transfusion, his condition improved. But soon madness again seized the Frenchman, and before long he was dead. Even though it was later determined that Mauroy actually died from arsenic poisoning, Denis' experiments with animal blood provoked a heated controversy in France. Finally, in 1670 the procedure was banned. In time, the English Parliament and even the pope followed suit. Blood transfusions fell into obscurity for the next 150 years. Early Hazards In the 19th century, blood transfusions made a comeback. Leading the revival was an English obstetrician named James Blundell. With his improved techniques and advanced instruments—and his insistence that only human blood should be used—Blundell brought blood transfusions back into the limelight. But in 1873, F. Gesellius, a Polish doctor, slowed the transfusion revival with a frightening discovery: More than half the transfusions performed had ended in death. Upon learning this, eminent physicians began denouncing the procedure. The popularity of transfusions once again waned. Then, in 1878, French physician Georges Hayem perfected a saline solution, which he claimed could serve as a substitute for blood. Unlike blood, the saline solution had no side effects, did not clot, and was easy to transport. Understandably, Hayem's saline solution came to be widely used. Strangely, however, opinion soon favored blood again. Why? In 1900, Austrian pathologist Karl Landsteiner discovered the existence of blood types, and he found that one type of blood is not always compatible with another. No wonder so many transfusions in the past had ended in tragedy! Now that could be changed, simply by making sure that the blood type of the donor was compatible with that of the recipient. With this knowledge, physicians renewed their confidence in transfusions—just in time for World War I.Of course, blood transfusions carried a number of health risks, as soon became clear. BLOOD-BORNE DISEASE After World War II, great strides in medicine made possible some surgeries that were previously unimaginable. Consequently, a global multibillion-dollar-a-year industry sprang up to supply the blood for transfusions, which physicians began to consider standard operating procedure. Soon, however, concern over transfusion-related disease came to the fore. During the Korean War, for example, nearly 22 percent of those who received plasma transfusions developed hepatitis—almost triple the rate during World War II. By the 1970's, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimated the number of deaths from transfusion-related hepatitis at 3,500 a year. Others put the figure ten times higher. Thanks to better screening and more careful selection of donors, the number of cases of hepatitis-B contamination declined. But then a new and sometimes fatal form of the virus—hepatitis C—took a heavy toll. It is estimated that four million Americans contracted the virus, several hundred thousand of them through blood transfusions. Granted, rigorous testing eventually reduced the prevalence of hepatitis C. Still, some fear that new dangers will appear and will only be understood when it is too late. Another Scandal: HIV-Contaminated Blood In the 1980's, it was found that blood can be contaminated with HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. At first, blood bankers were loathe to consider that their supply might be tainted. Many of them initially greeted the HIV threat with skepticism. According to Dr. Bruce Evatt, "it was as though someone had wandered in from the desert and said, 'I've seen an extraterrestrial.' They listened, but they just didn't believe it." Nevertheless, country after country has seen scandals break out exposing HIV-contaminated blood. It is estimated that in France, between 6,000 and 8,000 people were infected with HIV through transfusions that were administered between 1982 and 1985. Blood transfusions are held responsible for 10 percent of HIV infections throughout Africa and for 40 percent of the AIDS cases in Pakistan. Today, because of improved screening, HIV transmission through blood transfusions is rare in developed nations. However, such transmission continues to be a problem in developing nations that lack screening processes. Understandably, in recent years there has been an increased interest in bloodless medicine and surgery. Not surprisingly, many doctors are becoming wary of administering blood. "Blood transfusions are basically no good, and we are very aggressive in avoiding them for everybody," says Dr. Alex Zapolanski, of San Francisco, California. The general public too is becoming aware of the dangers of transfusions. Indeed, a 1996 poll revealed that 89 percent of Canadians would prefer an alternative to donated blood. "Not all patients will refuse homologous transfusions as do Jehovah's Witnesses," states the Journal of Vascular Surgery. "Nonetheless, the risks of disease transmission and immunomodulation offer clear evidence that we must find alternatives for all of our patients." NOTE WHAT SOME DOCTORS HAVE SAID Dr. Joachim Boldt 'Bloodless surgery is not only for Jehovah's Witnesses but for all patients. I think that every doctor should be engaged in it.'—Dr. Joachim Boldt, professor of anesthesiology, Ludwigshafen, Germany. "While blood transfusions are safer today than in the past, they still pose risks, including immune reactions and contracting hepatitis or sexually transmitted diseases."—Dr. Terrence J. Sacchi, clinical assistant professor of medicine. Dr. Terrence J. Sacchi "Most physicians have knee-jerk reactions with transfusions and just give them out liberally and indiscriminately. I don't."—Dr. Alex Zapolanski, director of cardiac surgery at the San Francisco Heart Institute. "I don't see any conventional abdominal operation that in a normal patient routinely requires blood transfusion."—Dr. Johannes Scheele, professor of surgery, Jena, Germany. So dont be critical to judge believes you donot fully understand.Try to make references and always look to your bibles as the guide to life.Am i Clear Mr Poubom?
Titanji has been handed a poisoned apple.Lets wait and see the symptoms of the poison as he takes what seem like delicious bites. "Truth pressed to earth shall rise again".
My brother Watesih, TRUTH THAT WAS PRESSED TO EARTH IS RISING AND WILL CONTINUE RISING TO FALL NO MORE. Toothless bulldog Ben should go on with his propaganda.I think that's the only thing left of him.Strip that away and he has nowhere else to go or nothing to make him being heard.That, we understand but it hasn't taken long and time is catching up with him.Poor Ben, what next will he cook up. TRUTH COMING TO LIGHT!
I honestly don't see how the killings in Buea are related to SDF Chairman's meeting with Inoni. I wonder if the SDF is as bad as it is painted. Shouldn't the SDF chairman contribute his ideas to forming an "Independent Electoral Comission"? He is simply doing what every right minded, straight thinking, peace loving Cameroonian leader who holds his people close to his heart would do.Though it will really be magic if all the songs that those opposition leaders sang would mean anything to the rotten government.They have done this before and they are doing it again. Whatever the case, one thing remains certain,you guys will not stay up there for life.One day ur old aged, sagged skin and brittled bones will not allow you to rest in peace because of the evil deeds you have done to us Anglophones.2011 is not far.When that change comes,truth will finally come to light.
My heart bleeds each time i see students in the streets surrounded by policemen.It is so disappointing how higher institutions are governed in Cameroon. Students too share part of the blame when we talk about university troubles especially UB.I think that this strike started in a rather disorganised fashion.I wish the students' union executive could have called for a strike action by asking students to quit classes and stay in their homes rather than leak tyres, smash glasses of administrative and private cars on campus.This would only be an opportunity for some illiterate policeman who couldn't make it to standard 6 to start unleashing his bullets on them regardless of the outcome because either way, he looses nothing. I don't support the fact that the minister of higher education imposed an additional list on the university "just because he wanted to give more students opportunities". If that is true, then we should have had more opportunities in CUSS right next to his office in Yaounde.So all what he says about the additional list is a sham,a farce. I advice my sisters and brothers in Buea to continue this strike action in an orderly manner. Stay indoors and boycott classes till their demands are met rather than running or stoning illiterate and jealous policemen on the streets.This can only lead to more casualties which is the last thing we want at this point in time.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2006 on UB Strike in pictures at Up Station Mountain Club
If this court ruling was in favour of that Muna faction, the Muna drum beaters on this forum would have gone wild with excitement. I wasn't surprised when i kept on reading stuff that make sense from people like Fon,Muki Stonehall and so on.Only then was rexon able to gather momentum to point a small finger from his political dying bed.The others followed suit judging the judge for clipping their masters wings.I'm not surprised to hear that Ngwasiri became very sick and Muna only read from a newspaper. What do you expect to hear people?They've known all along that they were playing a rigged game.None of them showed up at the courtroom and then started forming more lies to cover up the other lies.Muna thought he was a cock, now he knows he is cockroach."chairman for faction SDF don finish" hahahahaha.Nemesis is catching up with some of these people. Truth is rising again.
This is the biggest problem we have in Cameroon. Self interest first,accumulation of different positions by the same person. When two CPDM people are fighting, there's just one explanation for it,money.Some work too hard for no pay, some do nothing but lie and get paid for lying to the public about state funds.The day of reckoning is coming.You all eating now will pay with your blood.
Like it or not Ben Muna is no match for Fru Ndi.If the chairman of the SDF party was elected based on the appearance of their resumes, then we would gladly hand over the party to Ben Muna and watch it die of kwashiokor.Good enough, there are still some reasonable people in my country Cameroon who are aware of the seed of evil that the government has with the hardwork of Ben Muna and a few corrupt others planted in the SDF.That is why they enjoy eating the people's money from big offices,replacing one thief with another in high places,increasing prices for everything, privatising everything that can be privatised(CDC,CAMAIR,CAMRAIL,etc etc)and paying a few money-minded individuals to sacrifice the dream of change in Cameroon for their stomachs. If you know what is called "black operation" in the military, you will understand that it's exactly what is going on in Cameroon.If this nonsense by Ben Muna is allowed to continue, then bloodshed in the nearest future is inevetable.Ben Muna is playing a rigged game and just as i keep on saying, he has been set up to fail.His opponent is not the Biya regime but Fru Ndi.What a "political party" leader. God save my country!
Effimba is enjoying the fruits of her political prostitution.I pity the CPDM militants of Meme I, including the likes of Mukete,Dr.Agbormbai,Terribob and many others.They've been set up to fail.Playing a rigged game. The truth is gradually coming to light. Truth pressed to earth shall rise again.
It is amazing how Biya's brain works.His choice of people that make up his cabinet amazes me.Old crooks.You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.