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Matt Taibbi writes: LOL. Barack Obama is going to love this interview his former DIA James Clapper just gave to CNN about the Durham probe: “It’s frankly disconcerting to be investigated for having done... what we were told to do by the president of the United States.” Clapper: Trump administration is sending us this message The CNN hired Clapper and others creeps as anal-ysts. They are now suspects in the case but the CNN doesn't disclose that.
He will completely defend the Chinese Communists' totalitarianism and excuse the organ harvesting of Uigyurs in concentration camps as an example of his utter hypocrisy and bias. That allegation is 100% false. I have never written about the Uigyurs and alleged organ harvesting. Take it back you lying piece of s***.
You may want to read this, including the linked documents, and rethink your comment
How does it have the range and guidance needed? Range is simply a question of size. As for guidance - a cellphone will do these days. There are some cheap ones that have GPS, Glonass and Baidu receivers. A USB interface to some Raspi processor with digital to analog ports to drive the servos that move the control surfaces of the bird. A small battery will give the needed power. In all some $200 for hardware and a few months of programming and testing. If needed one could also use the cellphone camera to compare the target with Google earth pictures. All of these are no longer a military specialty. Drones are the 'democratized' version of the German V-1. Everyone can build them.