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Notice to Tim, et el; I am 2 steps away from removing this RSS feed entirely because of its useless (and redundant) 30 posts a day and general begging for attention. Be good, and people will flock. Be desperate, and people will dismiss. You need to attract better posters, as well, because the elementary school you summoned ain't cutting it. i.e, they're idiots. Good luck
This is indeed true. Theo did in fact offer all of those pitchers for Doc. However, the aspect of the trade Elliot did not share is that Doc offered to sign an extension with Boston for $1.1 a year for 5 years.
Oh great, now I get to read how Hairston is the best multi-positional player of all time.
Not as an everyday catcher but as a bridge between Varitek and whomever BOS promotes, drafts or acquires for their future at that position. VMart is perfect for BOS and redundant in CLE. A deal will get done.
No way Buchholz is dumped for a stopgap solution. I like VMart and how he fits in BOS today but you don't sell your most prized prospect for a guy who won't be around in 2 years. Also, what is this nonsense about Davis? Davis = Bowden. That's not my opinion but the opinion of scouts who spend their life observing those guys. Buchholz is in a whole different class, regardless of how he has fared in limited ML duty.
I'm buying the Jays chances in 2010. That town has become a printing press for developing pitchers and their offense ain't nothing to sneeze at. Doc, McGowan, Marcum and Litsch all healthy would comprise the best staff in MLB, imo. Besides, if I recall correctly Sabathia was sold with only 2 months left on his contract for a nice stash which featured the no. 14 prospect in baseball. Ricciardi has plenty of time, if in fact one of the premier starters in baseball must be moved.
JFC Joba may become an elite pitcher but right now he's in the same grade school Lester graduated last year from. So he might be one day but right now it's hard to argue that Lester is not the better starter. But there other qualities to consider, as well. Lester: Cancer survivor and, by all accounts, a quality teammate and citizen. Joba: Dropped in draft because of makeup issues and injury concerns. Already has one DUI and shoulder injury on his resume. I'd argue that it would take two Joba's to equal the real value of one Lester.
Which, SoxFan2009, is exactly what it would take, which is why 'Red Sox After Adrian Gonzalez' is an absolute bogus rumor. Why would SD part with this cheap (for 2.5 years) asset? By being blown away, that's how. That's the only way. Theo knows what the cost would be. He also probably remembers how Ortiz was acquired for $1m + change, and many others were acquired without totally raping a farm. I'd guess Gonzo remains a Padre for another year or so, and his value to others will not drop one iota in the interim. 'Red Sox After Adrian Gonzalez" needs to be shelved alongside 'Red Sox After H. Ramirez'.
Lee, I can see, but Martinez? What exactly is the value today for a once-catcher (suggesting an average, at best, defensive value elsewhere) who has never had an OPS+ higher than 130? Outstanding first half, Vmart. Hell, great, albeit short, career as a catcher, but you ain't all that.
Since it's obvious TB does not have the financial resources to afford either of these Indians, the only thing these Rays/Indians 'rumors' tell me is that CLE is in hyper selling mode, hoping to threaten BOS or NYY into making an ill-advised deal. Shapiro is out of his league.
I'll throw my 2 cents in here. Theo is an excellent GM because he understood before many how important defense is to a winning franchise, and in the offense-centric AL East, that quality has made the Sox a top team; a World Champ. The Nomah trade bore that out, as did most every player drafted, promoted and acquired since then. Also; no one in the Sox hierarchy, to date, including Theo himself, has offered the truth about the Ramirez/Beckett trade. Some report that it was originally Theo's idea or that he at least approved the move, others report it was all Lucciano.