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Great post. Sometimes I start with an ending and design the story backwards from that. 'What if' is only half the equation.
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Great points on brainstorming.for each of my novels I have the 'anything goes' phase - and plenty of the 'be silly'! The important thing is to let the creative part of your brain have free rein and in vent - which you can't do if you're judging each idea. I use cards and soundtracks too. Great tools.
What an interesting idea. We all have our ways of expressing ourselves. I've never felt the inclination to paint, preferring the visuals I get from words. Pictures are more vivid behind the blindfold, I guess. Your post reminds me of a story by Jack Vance in which the inhabitants of a future Earth have an encyclopaedia of art. They don't have the pictures, just the descriptions. They try to recreate the artworks from the words, and never feel they are doing them justice. In fact, what they create far surpasses the originals.
@Stephanella @Greenink - wow, your feedback has made my day, thank you! And as for my belt... today's is silver cracked leather with a square copper buckle :)
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Jun 2, 2010