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Ugh...I'd definitely drop DVDs if this is the case. I only rent 1 at a time and to be honest, most of the new releases I don't even get from Netflix since they're always waitlisted. I typically just reserve new stuff at Redbox (beats waiting in line and finding out the person in front of you nabbed the last copy of the movie you wanted) and rent older DVDs through Netflix.
Wait, what? This has been happening A LOT recently. I rent stuff occasionally from Redbox and Blockbuster and any time a disc says "Rental" there are features removed. Most of the time it's just special features that are replaced with the "This disc is intended for rental purposes only" screen. I've never heard of them removing subtitles/captioning from discs though. That's incredibly low. Come to think of it though, most movies on Watch Instant don't have the option for subtitles/captions...
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Dec 11, 2010