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Dawn Distasio
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Oh yes, we're just wet blankets! How can we not get the joke??? Because animal abuse/abandonment is fu**ing HYSTERICAL!! Maybe you should read the comments before sounding like a total jackass.
Wow, you're really not too bright, are you? You definitely failed at reading comprehension. Because you lack the basic intelligence to understand the written word, let me spell it out for you: 1) The issue is not that she is annoyed with her cat. 2) The issue is that most of these commenters post about how they're waiting for their pet to die, or proudly exclaim how they abandoned their pet at a shelter. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND? Shall I get a preschool translator to put it in baby words for you? Let's try some more r-e-a-d-i-n-g. MILLIONS of unwanted animals are killed every year. And attitudes like yours and other 'commenters' contribute to it. Maybe you should die in a fire so you don't have to pollute this world with your useless, uneducated, waste of carbon life-form.
No one is comparing a pet to children. However, a pet IS NOT DISPOSABLE. You took on the responsibility of taking care of a life - for the life of the animal. You don't get to dump it when it becomes an inconvenience for you. Do you know how many dogs and cats are put to sleep each year? And what does that teach your kids? Life gets hard and kids won't always have the option of dumping something to make their life easier. And thankfully, I don't have children because apparently having children makes you a petty, self absorbed, spoiled c**t.
Eryn, There is a BIG difference between posting that you're annoyed with your cat (which is totally normal) and a lot of these hateful, cruel comments that resulted. And you call the cat ladies "psychotic", but gleefully dumping a living, breathing thing at a cat shelter (where millions are destroyed yearly) or 'waiting for them to die' isn't??? ANIMALS ARE NOT DISPOSABLE. If you're not willing to take care of an animal for it's entire life span, THEN DON'T GET ONE. Simple as that. Taking on the responsibility of pet ownership then dumping the animal when it becomes an inconvenience for you shows a lack of character and compassion. Maybe you should be a little more outraged that people can be so careless and cruel on this earth, they're the ones that need help.
Wow, you're a disgusting human being. I hope your daughter abandons you when you become nothing but "expenses and annoyance".
Wow, what a bunch of A**HOLES. I hope someone discards you and waits for you to die. Karma is a bitch, ladies. Go back to eating your bons bons and your pathetic Mommy lives. Women like you disgust me - selfish, mooing wastes of space.
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Aug 3, 2011