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William Tyrrell
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Jan 13, 2011
I have been following this case (read: horrible miscarriage of justice) for some time. This case, from its inception only serves to further the long-held belief of the "average person" (read: NOT WEALTHY) that justice is for sale and if you can't afford it, you end up in prison or worse, on DEATH ROW... I pray to Grandfather The Great Spirit every day for Damien Echols especially as his very life hangs in the balance. If FINALLY exonnerated, how do you pay a man back for over half of his life as a result of "rush to judgement" and extreme prejudice (I too LOVE Metallica yet I am a well-respected man after a 30 year career in Navy EOD) because of how they looked and the music they listened to. I have also seen the documentaries on the case and applaud Mettalica for their assistance and support for these guys. I spent A LOT of time in Memphis/Millington Tennessee during my time in uniform thus, I can totally understand how this travesty of justice occurred.... FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jan 13, 2011