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good assessment and very accurate - I live here - If you dumbass'es would bring back Tony now that Trumps in, he could Make OZ Great Again. Trump would be there constantly
your worthless Judges are you biggest problem
This is especially true when they trying to convince me something doesn't really matter, so don't worry it will be alright. RUN FOREST RUN,
I have learned in my long life, as a top salesman, that if someone needs to take 5 posts and god only knows how many words of horse shit - none of which I read - to try and convince me of something - probably not a good idea. I have developed a rather novel idea of what to support in these Gov issues that do what Frisch does - see who supports and see who opposes - kinda cuts to the chase quicker, just trying to help my fellow man.
SF @ 1:40 Well not sure whats that important Food scooplets or website stats? Personally I could care less about your web stats, thats Russ'es arena, didn't know we were supposed to suspend commenting until he answered.
Doesn't look like he's missed any scooplets on restaurant openings, appears right on top of the market.
A couple points to touch on: Crabby on this zoobie thing, is the dead give away an Obama sticker? Mr Anderson after Obama has let the Iranians have them exactly how and which countries will not be allowed to have them next? After all the ammunition purchases by every Dept including weather and the release of these things, all the drones this second term sounds like a doozy. I can't really imagine any prior Pres in history that would even think we might need those or pre-order them - anybody??? I guess thats why we don't hear anything of the plans for the next term.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2012 on Homeland Security Muscles Up at Rebane's Ruminations
The Obama Adminstration couldn't figure out what was going to happen between 9/4 and 9/11, doesn't sound like many informed obsevers were really surprised except them and prolly you guys.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2012 on Ruminations - 14sep12 at Rebane's Ruminations
Frankly I think the shovel is a marvelous idea, nothing sneaky about it. The threats of death from the left on him were much more sneaky, you do know he got some right? Just for the record, we all do know why you both hate him so much, if he just wasn't right all the damn time. I used to watch his show back on Fox which gives enough time for some scenarios to have played out a bit - and so far damn near all are right on track or have already happened. There comes an a dreadful point in agruement - when you realize your wrong
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2012 on Ruminations - 14sep12 at Rebane's Ruminations
Actually I'm sure Romney would have just left the damn place alone. If the rattlesnakes are just laying quietly don't go start poking sticks at them. Frisch I have to say - honest - "steel" that is absolutely the last adjective that would come to mind from this mealy mouthed bunch - actually in any forum or FB post I have seen thats not the one being noted.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2012 on Mitt Romney exposed at Rebane's Ruminations
Not sure what CNN is saying but apparently according to accurate sources the staff was moved to a second building thought to be safer. The Libyian Security detail then pointed out their new location, and if you think this has anything to do with some UTube video your dumber than I thought. By the way, being 9/11 any thoughtful President would have anticipated potenial problems in both those countries and had adaquate security. I know Bush would have and I presume Mitt would have, its not rockect science and couple bodyguards is woefully inadaquate - obviously. So you are disgusted and everyone is remorseful BFD that don't get it.
What find at every instance - the new housing rules was an example also - as soon as anything might be subjected to a pullback of any kind. It immediately leaps all the way to anarchy - nothing in the middle and its the progressives that sneak it in there bean by bean to be begin with. Now can can do away with this drivel as he's starting to loose it with 4 posts and 6 links in a row - thinks we'll really read them I think
Keachie: So if we make sure we spend time checking religious status of all those folks who are Muslim but not terrorists, that will be more useful for identifying than carefully looking at all the other signs of a potential terrorist? Well your almost there, then you lost it - what would be the #1 sign to be looking for in a terroist - Muslum - you can fill in the rest of the list Didn't take long for you to prove George's point though and in less than 10,000 words and 4 links - thank you
That made them think of MLK and not the EPA, really? and Frisch has to go into some detailed expalnation of the bizare reach for reality?? Yes our world is lost I guess George very well used
George I would think the quote I sent you from the unknown author fits this, although I would think it needs a full posting not an update or a comment - just say'in
Greg: "A related distraction technique, familiar to readers of A Storehouse of Knowledge, can involve swamping an opponent in long-winded screeds of text to artificially inflate the appearance of depth and quality of information presented - often enough, the actual content of several paragraphs can be summed in a sentence." Why I don't bother reading the drivel, saves me alot of time, reading the short rebuttel is quicker and more inforamtive usually.
Mikey damn 180K, how many damn fires could a BFE county have ??? Bet their all good at video games Billy your getting worse than keachie, if you want me to read anything you gotta shorten it up dude - I ain't got all day
Mr Keachie, as someone who grew up in the deep south in the 50's and 60's I would have to say I just might be a better judge of what went on here than you. Every sheriff in virtually every county - because of the Democratic Machines was a memeber of the Klan. Chicago had nothing on the south, the politicians needed protection and they didn't need Party Platform Planks - the planks were used for other things - kapeche The blacks in my area which were ex slaves btw from the Mobely Plantation had their enclaves and streets and we white boys just didn't go down there - simple. Mr Mobely made some goofy title issues so when he gave them land it couldn't be taken from them - clouded to this day. Not that alot weren't outstanding parts of the community and well known around the area and their families well respected - the Walkers (school named after him) - the Allens and Sam Rose. You just didn't drive down to the Azalea Country Club or down Patterson Road on Friday night - ever
Mr Keachie I do find it rather scary that you are a teacher, in more ways than 1. Someone on here did mention that if they just ignored the issue the current residents of the Rood Center would be gone - I would bet they are hoping that to be the case that they are collecting by then.
So what and George Wallace was a memeber of which party - people can join whatever party they choose. Keachie as far as your epic tale of what happened - sorry I don't read much you write, its usually gibberish and off topic
What was the topic? t shirts? 300' of what - I really had to go back and look. Now GM sold alot of SUV's and pickups, Camaro's and Firebirds were good too and they made good money on them - when it became Gov Motors not so many Volts and they sell alot in china now. I can't imagine anybody that has lived in this country and eat their own food for more than 30 yrs didn't see the Japs taking over the auto industry on price and quality - and most semi intelligent people saw it was the unions Hello Mc Fly anybody home
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2012 on GMC = General Motors China at Rebane's Ruminations
How many people are in the county to split that 119 up - just curious Keachie -whatever it takes- Alinsky you really are an arbuckle on the ass of progress you know
Jesus Keachie, the cuts on his head were in the video at the police station - plus that is legal discovery not hearsay - too bad the GD Editor doesn't edit alot more BTW to all = the south was controlled completely by DEMOCRATS until late in the 20th century when more and more northerner's retired here. So all the slavery stuff goes right to the Democrats - Kerry would have slaves today if he could
You've missed much more than a comma
Toggle Commented May 4, 2012 on Socialism as predicted ... at Rebane's Ruminations
as usual ie: keachie - how the hell did we get from pension reform to Blackwater??? anybody - BTW we had 2 famility memebers go back employed by them - wish I got a t shirt I'll leave a light on boys - say'in