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Love it or hate it, it was a symbol of the internet being free on a very large scale. Where people stealing, yes. Did most of them care, no. As you mentioned, people go to the concept that artists who signed deals that they did not read or understand where "robbed" for decades. But less people refer to the feeling of the consumer being "robbed" in general. Bob mentioned the buying of an entire CD when you only want one song, but I distinctly remember feeling like the REAL reason why SO many people were "OK" with digital piracy is because they were sick of being fed BS about inflation of ALL products in general, not just music. Any opportunity to stick it to the man was a good one. As an artist myself, believe me I would love to hop in my time machine and get fat while the getting was good. Not an option. We assimilate, adjust, and move forward. I do appreciate you sharing your inside perspective here, and agree that all things are much more clear in hindsight. As a result, the quality of music overall has suffered. No majors have the time or budget for true artist development and creative risks are taken rarely if at all. It was a battle of the few against the many, but in the end, did anyone really win?
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May 26, 2015