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Mr Kiki, U surprise me alot with you way of rationing. I think U're just being biaised as said by Clemeceau. The actual reason Fru Ndi or a member óf scnc can't rule in La Repubblique is thanks to the fact that, people, like Kiki, whom now stays out of their country and claim not to be involoved in the democracy upgrading of their country are the ones who can bring changes. to be sincered, if more than half of Cameroonians living abroad decides to return home,especially the literate persons or serious business men like Kiki,coupled with the present situation of the country, then i think, other countries will sit, read and watch programs on 'mini war' in Cameroon. It is because you are out the country that is why u can write rubbish of that sort. Please lets always try to be open minded when commenting or try to substantiate our arguments. Thanks, Sentiment.