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I think he should be looking at Lade and McCarthy.
They completely changed their tactics and attitude after the half. The offensive play was 100x better. The defense looked bad most of the game. Slow and confused.
You're sounding naive. Refs understand the game just as well as most coaches. The refs did a good job of NOT throwing yellows last night when Neymar would dive. They're also used to really tough physical matches. Nothing JK said will raise any eyebrows other than that of naive American soccer fans.
He's avoided the old habit of giving up early goals and spending the whole game playing catch-up.
It's an oil rich nation. It's the cheapest thing they got. But their WC bid states the stadiums will use solar to cool them.
That's second goal was sick. He was a man on a mission. Talk about seizing the moment and taking advantage of an opportunity.
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Nov 30, 2010