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After the last photo, his camera went missing. lol
Yep, they've gone completely bonkers. The "temporary" saying is so that people would accept it easier, but then when it's in place, they'll create some BS study that says it worked, and keep it there. I find Toronto extremely funny actually. They try so hard to attract people by saying things along the lines of "it's the best place in the world to live" but then they make it so inhospitable by tacking on extra taxes, making you use those horrendous recycling bins, raising parking fines drastically, and making driving in the city, frankly, a pain in the ass. Oh, and don't even get me started on driver education and this crap:
*sigh* I still can't comprehend that people don't want to understand that seat belts SAVE LIVES. Unlike those idiotic speeding slogans ("Speeding kills"), the seat belt ones are actually true. I mean, isn't it more important to still have your life rather than being comfortable? Apparently, not to some people. More personally, I feel naked in a car if I don't have a seat belt on. It actually feels like I'm missing clothes on my body. Even if I have to pull a car out of the garage, I have consciously remind myself that I don't need a seat belt. And still then I sometimes put it on without noticing. I'm glad we live in Canada, but still, I wish the minister of transportation would be someone that actually uses it... without just being driven around.
Our police force is comprised of people that can't get off their high chair and keep chastising the public for things that aren't dangerous. In the mean time, they don't stop the drivers that are doing stupid stuff. As for tickets, ANY tickets fight them. The longer they're in court, the longer they stay off your record. If they're in court long enough, you can get them thrown out solely on the basis of having the right to a timely trial. Oh yea, and since last Monday, I've taken to the new law by it granting me full permission to honk as much as I want at anyone yappin' away on a handset. :D w00t!
"All this stupid law does is give the cops more nuisance things to do, leaving them less time to do something useful." LOL I can't say I don't agree with this statement 200%. Like I said last time, personally (and this is just me) I've noticed that I'm much less distracted if I'm using bluetooth to converse where I don't have to actually hold the phone itself up to my ear versus actually holding it up to my ear. There may be scientific evidence, but this is what I've noticed. Also, while driving, if my attention is required on driving, I will stop, mid word and put all my attention on driving, when necessary. Add to that, I try to keep my phone calls as short as possible with "hey, I'm in the car right now, can I call you when I get in please?" I've yet to be met with a no. That said, I would be willing to completely stop any and all phone-based conversations if and/or when the REAL law comes into effect.
I think the biggest and best point for argument is #3. Stopping and accelerating your car is a waste of energy, and is unnecessary if it can be avoided! Also, stopping presents a high chance of being rear-ended while only slowing down to obey a yield sign is much SAFER! My other beef with traffic lights is that they AREN'T SYNCHRONIZED. If they were, traffic could move normally, there would be less traffic jams, which results in less stop and go traffic (remember the stopping thing I JUST said?), which means people are less frustrated/stressed (better overall health in their lifetime) AND LESS ROAD RAGE because people are p***ed off that their life is wasting away in traffic! You think the government of Ontario might let me run as Minister of Transportation? I'm down for a complete overhaul of the HTA and all driving regulations in Ontario. (Including some of the idiotic criteria in the graded licensing system like optional driving school and the tiny requirements for learning how to drive.) Oh and as John mentioned... Roundabouts NEED NO POWER nor maintenance!!
*sigh* Since day one I've said this law is completely unconstitutional. You can lose your license and car for a week and incur up to $750-1000 in charges before even going to court! And in court, it's a minimum $2000 fine for something that isn't even dangerous! Our highways are built for cars to travel safely at 150. 100 is a ridiculously boring speed.
Yes, you can dream Jim. But it'll never happen. Sadly.
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Awesome stuff guys! Way to keep the LiveEye legacy alive!